Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Old Town White Coffee Membership Promotion

Recently, I had visited the new old town white coffee opened in Subang Avenue. I was told by a friend that Old Town is recruiting new member under its loyalty programme. Thus, I officially became an Old Town member after a delicious and aromatic meal. Lets see what's inside the membership promotion.

The membership promotion comes in a package. There are three items within a small package. It includes a 2010 calendar, a personal diary (comes with promotional voucher), and a citizen card. I paid RM13.90 for the package, and I was driven by the sleek design of the personal diary. =P (I was told by another friend of mine that she get the package for FREE when spending more than RM50 with a group of friends in Old Town Coffee Shop Times Square, try your luck there!)

Lets get some intro about old town
As we all known, Old Town White Coffee is the first commercialized white coffee shop in Malaysia. The Old Town Group started its operation back in 1999 by retailing the 3-in-1 white coffee-mix powder in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Later on, the coffee-mix business is growing and expansion is inevitable.
Therefore, Old Town White Coffee Shop concept roll out in 2005 to capture the market.

Why I become member of Old Town?
There are so many town town town and coffee coffee coffee shop outside. I can recall there are Old Taste, Old Kawan, Georgetown Coffee, Papa Rich ...& etc fighting against Old Town, but none of them overtake Old Town to become the leader in the white coffee industry (I presumed that white coffee industry is indeed one of the significant contributor of Malaysia GDP XD).
The taste of food is another factor that makes my choice bias toward Old Town. The aromatic taste of Old Town White Coffee is its signature. Moreover, the white coffee powder is manufactured by Old Town Group itself. Hence, the taste and authenticity of Old Town is simply irreplacable by other cheep-plak coffee.

Members' Privileges
~Get 50% discount for 2nd main meal dinner order.
Every Monday from 6pm to 9pm only
~Old Town White Coffee Day falls on every last Thursday of the month.
Get one free white coffee with any purchase of rice or noodle meal
~Promotional voucher for 2010 (2 promotions on every month X 12 = 24 promotions)
Get item at discounted price or for FREE all year long! Wohooo!!

Be happy to become a Old Town Member now! Hurry Up! The last thursday of January is just around the corner.

Credit: Old Town

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Semi Integrated Dishwasher

In this modern living age, washing dishes after a wonderful meal is no longer a messy job. A Semi Integrated Dishwasher provides a lot of conveniences to household, especially those with working parents but still prefer home-cooked food.  High quality Semi Integrated Dishwasher also makes your life less worries. Enjoy your cooking and great food; leave the rest to your Semi Integrated Dishwasher.

Type of Dishwasher
Most brand of dishwasher in the market offer identical function. Dishwasher can be classified into free standing, semi integrated, and full integrated. "Free standing" mean can be installed everywhere, while "Semi Integrated" one can be fitted with a panel to match the kitchen and installed in a kitchen cabinet. "Fully Integrated" are concealed behind a kitchen furniture door.
In my opinion, a Semi Integrated Dishwasher is ideal in term of style and versatility.

Where To Get A Dishwasher?
Imagine you are trying to know more about a Semi Integrated Dishwasher but don't know where to start from. I would recommend you to visit Semi Integrated Dishwasher. It is a website helping people to get the best deals, discounts, and prices on Semi Integrated Dishwasher.
It is also an award winning website, backed by its prices updating mechanism that run on an hourly basis as well as guaranteed cheapest prices. Furthermore, the site do helps UK consumers to compare prices and give buying advice for Semi Integrated Dishwasher.

*The above post is compensated; all written comments by the author are genuine.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Opp: Free Dell Design Studio Laptop

There ain't free lunch in this world, the same applies to laptop.
Now, you stand a chance to win a Dell Design Studio by entering the Dell Design Studio Contest.
As a full-time worker and part-time blogger, speed-efficient and easy-to-use laptop Design Studio Laptop is prerequisite for me.  But there are so many brand in the market, why Dell?
Because one more thing Design Studio Laptop offers is individuality. The make-it-yours contest is the platform that allows users like your and me to customize Dell Design Studio Laptop Skin FOC. I Stress again, its Free Of Charge.

Everyone Is A Winner
There is only one laptop, it means one winner too. Don't BS here longlibra. <---primitive thinking
Wow, how to be a winner too? Is that real? longlibra <--- wise thinking

Indeed, there is only one "your very own" studio laptop, & two RM5000 department store voucher for best design. Most popular design stand a chance to win a RM2500 department store voucher as well.
But considering the chance given to design a Dell Studio Laptop with your own personality for free, we are allowed to preview the laptop skin of our beloved laptop without cost. That makes everyone a sure winner. Hurray! Perhaps, probably Dell would offer free laptop skin customization service for laptop purchase? Hopefully it will come true.

Entry Qualification
There are three main conditions to qualify for the contest.
1. The participant must be Malaysian.
2. The participant must be over 18 years old.
3. The participant must not be the director or employee of the promoter (Dell Global Business Center S/B), or the immediate family member of the director or employee of the promoter.

Make It Yours
Okay, here is the website that I'm talking about. Enjoy your photoshop-ing session! (Click on the link below)
Make It Yours

*The above post is solely based on author comment and have zero monetary interest.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Top 5 Influential Economic Events In Malaysia for 2010

1st. AFTA

The Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA) is scheduled to start free trade in 2010. Six Asean countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipines, Thailand, and Brunei will spearhead the AFTA while another 4 Asean countries will join in the pact no later than 2015.

Based on the AFTA concessions, the Malaysian Government pledge to rescind import tariff on 1943 type of products,sectors affected including the automobile, garment, fabric, electronic, fishery, agriculture,timber, rubber, & etc.
(Tropical fruit, tobacco, and tobacco products were excluded with import tariff topped at 5%)

What Is It So Influential?
Upon launching on AFTA, we as the Rakyat of Malaysian can enjoy the benefits bring by AFTA which are Price, Quality and Choice. As the free trade environment induce the competition between local manufacturer and foreign manufacturer, quality and low pricing become the key competitive advantage.
However, our government had undertake some counter action by introducing the Goods & Sales Tax to increase the Rakyat's Burden.
So, are we going to pay less or more after the launching of AFTA & GST?
Or everything is gonna be the same?

2nd. Financial Reporting Standard 139

Every listed companies in Malaysia are required to adopt the FRS 139 in their account. The brand new FRS 139 forbid listed companies to include Off Balance Sheet activities to reflect the entire transactions flow within the companies.
At the same time, the price of financial instrument held by listed companies should be on "Mark-to-Market" basis. The adoption of FRS 139 might lead to adverse impacts for Malaysian Listed Companies.

Why Is It So Influential?
Dear equity investors, I am sure everyone knows that the good or bad of annual report result would lead to the fluctuation of share price. Your investment return is bank on the annual report result, start to research for good companies and throw the bad ones. Treat the FRS 139 as an opportunity.

3rd. Higher and higher Electric Cost

The parliment announced on 22th July last year that the electric bill will be revised every two quarters, next revision scheduled at Feb 2010 is just around the corner.
Do you think the electric price will increase again? Yes No? Anyhow, the price of current will only increase and will never mark down.
Moreover, the National Energy Plan are scheduled to release this year. The National Energy Plan will sketch out a guideline towards maintaining the sustainability of energy supply.

Why Is It So Influential?
Renewable energy seems to be the long- term solution toward scarcity of electricity. The delayed 2010  renewable energy policy is being put under the spotlight now. Be it anything, the Rakyat can get something out of a successfully implemented. green policy Perhaps, Malaysian can enjoy the fruit of green technology producing cleaner energy at a cheaper price soon. I hope our government is not going making a foolish decision.

4th. 10th Malaysia Plan

The 9th Malaysia Plan is scheduled to complete at the late 2010. The Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of Malaysia budget RM230 billion for the 10th Malaysia Plan.
The primary objective is to reduce government deficit, increase Malaysian Salary Base, strengthen national security, minimize corruption, improve education standard, improve Rakyat's living standard, rural area development, and improving public transportation system. More and more beneficial policies are under planning and going to roll out soon.

Why Is It So Influential?
It's been a bad year during the 2009.  Issues including the Perak Takeover, TBH's death, the PKFZ's scandal, MCA's internal dispute, and many more unhappy thing happen around the country, yet our government unable to do anything to cooldown the situation. The Rakyat's anger is rising, yet our government is increasing our burden by introducing GST and cancelling subsidy on sugar recently. So, whatever promised in the 10th Malaysia Plan remain as a promise until it's been done.
We will never know how many percent of 10MP budget will be inside the pocket of politicians.
Rakyat!! Wake up now and cast your vote wisely during the next General Election, let the politicians know the power of the Rakyat. Always remember that they needed us more than we needed them.

5th. Consolidation of Banking Industry

The Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is going to issue 3 new licenses for foreign commercial banks. Local banking environment would become more competitive that is going to stimulate the merger and acquisition (M&A) activities amng local financial institutions.

Why Is It So Influential?
Recently, Hong Leong Bank is pursuing a deal with EON Capital to acquire the latter. On the other hand, there are rumor that Alliance Financial Group is on a merger deal with EON Capital. Not matter how the situation happen to be, the size of banking institutions are going to grow bigger and larger with parrallel growth in revenue and profit. The banking institutions is still the industry worth investing in. Perhaps, consumers would also benefit from possible lower loan rate.

The End
The above issues are raised by a writer in Oriental Press. I found it is very useful and would like to share with every readers my perception towards the effect of different events happenned around us. If you have your own thinking, please drop a heartful comment sincerely.

Credit to Oriental Press =) Free Newspaper That I Read Every Morning.

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