Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free GSC Movie Ticket

Yo, My 22nd birthday is coming. Go where to celebrate le?..

TGIF? (Wah...expensive lah..
Genting? (Aiyo...No cash le..although its my lucky birthday...)
GSC? (Ei...i got a free ticket wo....)
So, go for GSC lah!

What The Heck Is GSC?
If your a Malaysian, then you must be knowing GSC. GSC is not Google Search Center nor Genting Superior Casino. We are talking about movie now, so GSC stands for Golden Screen Cinema.

Why me?
Why I deserve a free movie ticket every year although i didn't do anything spectacular? WHY har?
Because my dad is Dato' Seri or some wealthy businessman? NO.
Thank to GSC for treating everyone equally, I get my free ticket every year on time & GSC is so caring that they even send me an E-mail to notify me my birthday (I always remember my birthday) as I am the member of GSC.

How to Be Member?
As usual, visit here and fill in your particular.

When You Get Your Free Pass?
Well, the free pass is always there. But you can only use it during the month of your birthday.
Eg: Longlibra b'day is 3rd Oct, then the free movie pass is valid in October.

Yes, I am gonna watch Gamer by Gerard Butler.
Ps: The free pass entitle me to redeem ticket for movies with asterisk mark.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alternative To Reduce Phonebill

Most of us "boiling porridge" during these days. "Boiling Porridge" means making long phone call. XD
When our monthly postpaid phonebill finalizing, we began to scratch our head to fork out a sum of money to "BAIL OUT" the mobile service company.

Making a long phone call will burn a hole in your pocket. So, alot people turn to Skype now. Well, you will miss the day holding the phone at bed then.
Maybe I am abit too late for telling this but it's better than i didn't.
I noticed most people using more than 1 cellphone at present. I wana tell you that HAPPY Prepaid actually have a good deal for all of us. So,HAPPY can be your second choice.

Why It Is A Good Deal?

The calling rate to any network is RM0.33/minute and cap at maximum of RM0.99 for 15 minutes call. I personally think it's good for people who usually do long hour calling. And some of us not calling the same people everyday, which means that friends and family is actually not really applicable. (And most of the friends & family number will at least cost RM0.10/minute).
Although i am using Digi postpaid currently, but my calling rate is 0.13/minute. A 15 minutes call cost me RM1.95.

So, just hang off the phone before every 15 minutes and call again if you're using HAPPY. You will save more bucks in your pocket now. For the heavy users, I hope this lessen your financial burden and reduce the tendency of you getting bald.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Magnum 4D Jackpot

Recently, our wealthy Big Brother (Taiko) Magnum Corporation being granted the approval for launching the latest 4D game, the 4D jackpot.

So, that means we have another new way to instant wealth. The 1st prize money can gone up to millions. Once you can hit the correct number, you can become a multimillionaire overnight.

How To Play?
Below is the sample ticket of 4D jackpot game. Choose two lucky number, in 4 digits. Then, you just have to buy two set of 4D numbers simultaneously @ RM2. You are in the game.

How To Win?

Winning is based on luck. Any of your 4D number appear during the draw, you can at least win a prize.
Majority of us prioritize on 1st and 2nd prize in order to win Big Money $$. Maybe your're not, but i am only aiming 1st and 2nd prize.

Jackpot 1st Prize                                                              

Jackpot 2nd Prize

The jackpot 1st prize will be minimum RM1 million and the jackpot 2nd prize wil be minimum RM100,000.

Tomorow is Saturday and also the drawing day, so i am going to try my luck using RM2. Perhaps i am a multimillionaire thereafter. Everything is possible. So, why not get yourself a ticket.

*Note: Do not overbet. Your financial loss in betting this game is not within longlibra's liability.

Visit Here to know more and also for draw result.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Calculate Interest Payment

I had often confused about the calculation of interest payment, especially for mortgage interest payment. So i sort it out today and share with my fellow comrade =).Nowadays, there are two major type of mortgage loan package in the market. One is floating rate and another is fixed rate. Of course we know that floating rate is based on Base Lending Rate plus Spread and fixed rate will not change. Most mortgage loan payment goes up to 15 - 30 years. By the way, how the mortgage interest payment being calculate?

I will give a very brief example here to illustrate the payment of mortgage loan.

The picture shown loan amount of RM100,000 with interest rate of 5%. Let's say the interest compound annually and the annual instalment is RM12,000. After 10 years you still owe bank RM22,814. Paying another 2 - 3 years then the house totally belong to you.
Your instalment payment should at least more than the interest payment in order to reduce the principal amount for calculating interest.

How to Calculate Monthly Instalment Amount?

Step 1, determine the principal amount, the interest rate.

Example, Principal Amount = RM100,000, Interest = 4%

Step 2, Find the compound interest factor. Using the formula below (inside the bracket one).

1. If the interest is 4%, then the i = 0.04
2. n = total years you need to do instalment.
3. Compute the compound interest.


 = 11.11 <-- Compound factor

Note: If the interest rate is compounded monthly, then you have to take the following step:

i. Divide i by 12, replace i with result.

ii. Multiply n by 12, replace n with result.

iii. Compute the compound factor

Step 3: Use the Principal Amount divide by the compound factor to find yearly payment (Pmt). If want to find monthly payment, take the yearly payment divide by 12.

Yearly payment = RM100,000 / 11.11
Yearly payment = RM9,000.90
Monthly payment = RM9,000.90 / 12 months
Monthly payment = RM750.08

Note: If the interest rate is compounded monthly, then you just have to use the principal amount divide by the compound factor. The answer is in monthly payment. No need to further divide by 12.

The above illustration assume the number of year for payment is fixed. If you want to compute based on fixed instalment payment, you will have to use different variable in the formula. Twist and turn the formula will get you the answer. If you need help, please leave a comment.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Nowadays, most of us using ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) for the purpose of

1. Withdrawal
2. Fund transfer
3. Payment.

Thus, understand the exact function of your ATM card save you time and money. If you notice carefully, there are small logos embedded behind the ATM card.
For the ATM card issued by local bank, you would probably see the MEPS logo behind.

What is MEPS?
MEPS (Malaysia Electronic Payment System), is ATM network sharing system. This system is adopted by all local banks in Malaysia.

How MEPS works?

If you are holding a MEPS enabled ATM card, congratulation. You can execute different transactions in Malaysia & overseas by using ATM machines from participated banks. Transactions include:
1. Withdrawal from ATM machine nationwide.
2. Withdrawal from overseas ATM machine in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, China and Saudi Arabia. (It only work for participated banks)
3. Interbank Fund Transfer.
4. E-debit, it works like debit card.
5. Financial Process Exchange, FPX is used for e-commerce purpose.
6. Interbank Mobile Prepaid Top – Up.

An additional function provide by MEPS is interbank GIRO. It mainly enables banking service via
- Internet banking
- Walk – in banking
- Phone banking

There are both local and foreign banks providing MEPS IBG service. For information of banks providing MEPS IBG service, visit here.

If you are holding ATM card issued by foreign bank, I am so sorry to tell you that MEPS is not available to you. (Ps: Al-Rajhl Bank is the first foreign bank to hook up with MEPS).

Do not get upset my friend. The foreign banks in Malaysia had allied together into sharing ATM network with a system called HOUSe.

What is HOUSE?
HOUSe is another ATM network sharing system available for foreign banks in Malaysia.

How HOUSe works?
You can enjoy withdrawal service using 300 ATM machines available in any participated banks below:

2. UOB
3. Standard Chartered

There are more than eight thousand of local banks’ ATM machines are MEPS enabled. At a transaction cost of RM 1, I consider it as unnecessary spending as I don’t usually withdraw money in other banks’ ATM unless I am fed up with the long queue, rushing for something or the machine breakdown (But i had withdraw several times from other banks too =.="). Third party fund transfer costing RM 1 is acceptable especially you stay far from the bank you want to deposit.

On the other hand, it is good news for foreign banks’ ATM card owners as HOUSe is available to them. RM 1 transaction cost remains affordable (It is better than you have to travel to another bank which is far away from home to withdaw money). However, there are only 300 ATM machines providing such service. The number of foreign bank branch is also limited.

I believe that a lot of people owned more than one bank account. It is significant that local bank ATM card is providing a lot more service than foreign bank in local scene. The saying “when in Rome, do as the Roman do” is right. Therefore, using the ATM card issued by Malaysian banks give you more advantages than foreign one when you are in Malaysia.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gate of Heaven

I would like to share a joke. It's about working in the banking industry.
Smile =)

One day, a doctor, a priest, and a banker met in heaven.
The gate is closed. So, they ask GOD how to open the gate.

GOD: Each of you must make a confession in order to open the gate.
All: Ok.
Doc: I start first.
Doc: Dear GOD, I have save hundreds of life during my lifetime. May the gate of heaven open for me.

....The gate remain closed. Doc walk away with dissapointment.
Next, the priest went.

Priest: : Dear GOD, I have pass the word of Christianity to thousands during my lifetime. May the gate of heaven open for me.

....The gate move slightly. The priest confused and walk away witth dissapointment.
When its the turn of banker, he remain silent as he don't know what to confess. GOD noticed and ask.

GOD: Dear Son, what did you do when alive?
Banker: Dear GOD, I am just a banker.

....The gate of heaven suddenly open. The banker confused. Why?

GOD: Come on in Son, you have been in HELL long enough.

For those who consider a career in banking industry, think twice. =)
Thanks for Mr. Ang who provide this story during the career talk.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

New LTR Project

RM 7 billion are to be poured into two LTR (Light Rail Transit) projects in the Klang Valley start early next year. These projects will see the extension of the exisiting Kelana Jaya Line and Ampang Line by 17 km and 17.7km respectively. The projects expected to be completed in 3 years time.
The project is handle by state-owned public transport operator, Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd.

Good News?

Yes, I think its a good news for everyone who goes to work using public transport in KL. Looking at the picture, people who live farer than the existing end station from the LRT will be benefit from the extension. (Especially those from Klang Valley)

I am sure that alot of people driving to the Kelana Jaya Station every morning to catch LRT to the workplace sited in KL. (Start driving at early 7am, and stuck in the jam for an hour. <--your typical working day)
Upon the completion of new stations, you can now choose a nearer LRT station to part your car and catch the LRT faster.

1. Get more sleeping time.
2. Less congestion.
3. Nearer station.
4. Toll-free.

Companies possible to get the project
UEM Builders Bhd. (main contractor for existing lines)
IJM Corp Bhd. (main contractor for existing lines)
Road Builders (M) Holdings Bhd. (sub-con for existing lines)
Gamuda Bhd. (Experience in Kaohsiung;s mass rapid transit in Taiwan)
Malaysia Resources Corp Bhd. (main contractor for the Kelana Jaya Line in the KL Sentral portion)

To investors, pay some attention to the above companies. Dropping some egg into it =)

*Note: payroll from government project is usually smooth, credit problem seldom exist.
News source: The Star, Public Display of proposal.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RM100 Malaysia Passport

Finally the Malaysia Government doing the right thing. =)
Started from Oct 1, Malaysians can apply for the new 2 years Alternative International Malaysian Passport and need to pay RM100 only.

Present passport package
Currently, a 32 page passport costs RM300 and a 64 page document RM600. Both are valid for five years.

Who is benefit from these?

Basically everyone is benefit from this improvement. Especially infrequent travellers who travelled once or twice in a few years time.

In a short math,
RM300 - RM100 = RM200 <---- Can last about 10 days (Not include high-class restraurant and shopping)
Complimentary service provider
Well, with the availability of low-fare airline flights and various affordable holiday packages would encourage Malaysians to travel now. The MATTA (Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents) fair just held at the beginning of September. So, for those who bought a overseas travelling package, you can wait until Oct 1 to apply your passport.

Click here to visit AirAsia, MAS, and MATTA.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

How To Select Mortgage Loan

Housing loan a.k.a Mortgage loan
Definition of mortgage
possible root from the French verb "mourir" meaning to die. The English word "mortgage" refers a home owner's loan that is usually with you until you die. Usage of the French root is supposed to make it sound fancier than "loan" - but it doesn't really.
J'ai mort - meaning "I am dead"
Credit to urbandictionary
A dream home is your resting place while old. Planning to buy a house is rather easy, but you can burn a big hole in your pocket without proper knowledge in the industry. Remember not to bear any debt exceed your capacity, early termination penalty will be costly.
3 Simple steps of financing your dream house (Used in most cases)

What to consider in a loan?

Besides pricing, other features like flexible repayment terms could balance the scale or even translate into greater loan savings. Financial Institutions generally offer housing loan packages either in the form of a term loan, overdraft, or a combination of a term loan and overdraft.

Fixed rate or Floating rate?
As in the fixed rate financing, the rate is fixed and there will be no changes in repayment amount and tenure.
While with the floating rate financing, the repayment amount and/or tenure may change due to the fluctuation in BLR (Base Lending Rate).
If for me, i would choose the fixed rate financing although it's more expensive. However, considering the trouble broughtforward by rescheduling the loan and adjustment of BLR in the future when the economy return to healthy state.
I suggest you to discuss thoroughly with your in charged mortgage officer about the issue since buying a house is not similar with buying a soft toy. Any soft of negligence may be costly.
Insurance? Peace of mind?
Ever heard of housing insurance? The most common one is fire insurance and MRTA (Mortgage reducing term assurance)
In short, fire insurance cover your property against natural disasters (eg: flood, fire, riot, strike, and malicious damage). If you live in a condominium or apartment, you need not buy the fire insurance as the Management Corporation (MC) had it managed properly. Make sure you have the sub-certificate of the master policy from MC.
MRTA refer to the coverage for full settlement of the outstanding balance of the housing loan with the financial institution, in the event of total permanent disability or death of the borrower.
Both insurance also give a peace of mind by burning even my cloth. (-.-'). I stressed again that Housing Insurance is essential.

Credit to Bankinginfo =)
Visit here for more about mortgage loan.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Golden Plan 8

Golden Plan 8Golden Plan 8, sounds like gold investment or smth relate to retirement though.
The Golden Plan 8 is the sequel of the Golden Care Plan launched by Nirvana Corporation Berhad in 9/9/2008. Nirvana Corporation Berhad is the No.1 Bereavement Service Provider in SEA and listed in Bursa Malaysia.

What is Golden Plan 8?
The golden plan 8 provide an opportunity for risk-averse investors looking for high return.
There are two components in Golden Plan 8,
1.The Urn Compartment in "Tang Villa", Shah Alam Memorial Park(can be transfer at anytime)
2.ING investment fund (its' unit trust fund that can be transfer at anytime too)
WHy it is an opportunity?
Malaysia is facing inflation year by year, did your money grow in tandem with the inflation?

 Now, the compartment is selling at attractive price especially for early bird.
^Let's take two scenarios as example,
1.Buying the compartment at RM20,000 & for self-use only. 5 years later, it appreciate to RM40,000. Your will get 14.8% saving every year. In addition, you get certain of ING investment fund for free.
2.Buying the compartment at RM20,000 & for investment purpose. Selling it 5 years later for RM40,000.
Your will get 14.8% return every year. Even after selling the compartment, you can still maintain possession of the investment fund.

From these two scenarios, there are Double Return for investment

Although the price of compartment after 5 years is depend on market conditions, but always remember that you can hold the compartment until it appreciates.
I personally think that investment in the bereavement products is consider a new trend in Malaysia. The Golden Plan 8 is an opportunity for everyone, whether for self-consumption or investment.
For sophisticated investors, have you start your plan to diversify?
For more information about the Golden Plan 8, contact Nirvana at this toll free number 1800 - 88 - 1818

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life Settlement

The crash of subprime mortgage securities is still fresh in mind. Well, the great bankers are heading to a new product that could bring them back to profit like before. Guess what is in their mind this time? Plantation? Technology? F & B? No, no, no. The meat they want is life insurance.

What is life settlement?
In US, many ill and elderly person default on paying premium on their insurance policies as they counln't afford it anymore or their families do not need the insurance payout during the death of the elder or premium might become too expensive.
In the past, dying people lapse the policy and insurance companies making more money as there is less payout.
Now, there is a new option for the ill and elderly people. Investment bankers planned to established a market where the ill and elderly people can sell their policy for cash.
The investment bank will bought over the policies and continue to pay premium. Then, the policies will be "securitized" into bonds or other collateralized securities. These would then sell to investors.

How to define Profit or Loss?
Most people know that the cash value in an insurance policy is less.
^For example, a policy cover up to $1million of payout may have cash value of $100,000.^
So, the premium are to be paid continuously until the insured (the ill and elderly seller) reach a condition to entitle for payout (mostly is death).
If the insured die very soon and less premium being paid, then the investors will make profit from their investment.
If the insured die after many years where a huge amount of premium being paid, then the investors will make loss from their investment.
Profit or loss is greatly depend on insured life expectancy.

Advantages of life settlements
1. Creating a platform for ill & elderly people to sell their policy for cash in case they don't need it anymore. (20 to 200% higher than the surrender value)
2. Investors had got a new type of investment vehicle. ( The market for life settlement has less correlation with the market and the overall economy. Systemic risk will be minimum)

Life settlement is nothing new, but the investment banks such as Credit Suisse and Goldman Sach had eyed on the $26 trillion life insurance market in US alone. By creating a new market, Wall Street investment bankers (the big conman) can again make sky-rocketing profit from creating the bonds, selling them, and in the end trading them.
In the long run, the payouts by insurance companies become higher and the premium would rise subsequently. In other words, layman like us would suffer for paying higher premium. Let's pray that this investment vehicle doesn't come to Malaysia. ><>

For more info, click here.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Citibank-Reader Digest Contest

Did anyone received a letter sent by reader digest attached with a RM250,000 mock cheque and car keys? The letter notify you to subscribe to 1 year of reader digest at discounted rate.

How it works?
Of course, the subscription of 1 year reader digest magazine entitle you a right to participate in the whatever contest. But you will get a free watch upon the subscription.
Then, you will automatically enter the contest of winning a car and RM250,000 paycheck by replying to the invitation via sending back of authorization for subscription attached with the mock cheque and the car key.

Do you think you can win?
I personally think that this is a marketing oriented strategy. So, the chance of winning is extremely small. Moreover, the invitation to subscribe is limited to selected Citibank Credit Card users. Which means you will still have to compete with tenth of thousands of Citibank Credit Card users.
Lastly, Reader Digest company had file for chapter 11 bankruptcy to reduce debt. I think your subscription money can be a portion RD's debt reduction policy, the marketing gimmick continues.

Please share your comment =)

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RM1.80 for RON95 Petrol

The government had phased out RON92 petrol and replace by RON95 petrol in major petrol kiosks. However, the initial pricing of RM1.75 per litre had been increased to RM1.80 per litre due to rising world oil price. I am sure that many Malaysian had been disappoint by the announcement. For every full tank of petrol, let say 30 litre. (30*5 cents) We should make a saving of RM3, which afford us at least 2 roti kosong + 1 teh tarik or 1 nasi lemak + 1 teh tarik. Now, everything had gone. The expectations of saving money by using RON95 petrol shattered.

List of RON95 compatible vehicles, the below list exclude models from Honda. From the source of, all Honda models released since 2001 are compatible with RON95 except Honda Civic Type R.

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