Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RM100 Malaysia Passport

Finally the Malaysia Government doing the right thing. =)
Started from Oct 1, Malaysians can apply for the new 2 years Alternative International Malaysian Passport and need to pay RM100 only.

Present passport package
Currently, a 32 page passport costs RM300 and a 64 page document RM600. Both are valid for five years.

Who is benefit from these?

Basically everyone is benefit from this improvement. Especially infrequent travellers who travelled once or twice in a few years time.

In a short math,
RM300 - RM100 = RM200 <---- Can last about 10 days (Not include high-class restraurant and shopping)
Complimentary service provider
Well, with the availability of low-fare airline flights and various affordable holiday packages would encourage Malaysians to travel now. The MATTA (Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents) fair just held at the beginning of September. So, for those who bought a overseas travelling package, you can wait until Oct 1 to apply your passport.

Click here to visit AirAsia, MAS, and MATTA.


mesothelioma said...

thanks for this information...my husband's passport is already epxired so we will wait that date then...good job

Libraco said...

You are welcome :)

Libraco said...

You are welcome :)

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