Tuesday, September 1, 2009

RM1.80 for RON95 Petrol

The government had phased out RON92 petrol and replace by RON95 petrol in major petrol kiosks. However, the initial pricing of RM1.75 per litre had been increased to RM1.80 per litre due to rising world oil price. I am sure that many Malaysian had been disappoint by the announcement. For every full tank of petrol, let say 30 litre. (30*5 cents) We should make a saving of RM3, which afford us at least 2 roti kosong + 1 teh tarik or 1 nasi lemak + 1 teh tarik. Now, everything had gone. The expectations of saving money by using RON95 petrol shattered.

List of RON95 compatible vehicles, the below list exclude models from Honda. From the source of MalaysianInsider.com, all Honda models released since 2001 are compatible with RON95 except Honda Civic Type R.


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