Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free GSC Movie Ticket

Yo, My 22nd birthday is coming. Go where to celebrate le?..

TGIF? (Wah...expensive lah..
Genting? (Aiyo...No cash le..although its my lucky birthday...)
GSC? (Ei...i got a free ticket wo....)
So, go for GSC lah!

What The Heck Is GSC?
If your a Malaysian, then you must be knowing GSC. GSC is not Google Search Center nor Genting Superior Casino. We are talking about movie now, so GSC stands for Golden Screen Cinema.

Why me?
Why I deserve a free movie ticket every year although i didn't do anything spectacular? WHY har?
Because my dad is Dato' Seri or some wealthy businessman? NO.
Thank to GSC for treating everyone equally, I get my free ticket every year on time & GSC is so caring that they even send me an E-mail to notify me my birthday (I always remember my birthday) as I am the member of GSC.

How to Be Member?
As usual, visit here and fill in your particular.

When You Get Your Free Pass?
Well, the free pass is always there. But you can only use it during the month of your birthday.
Eg: Longlibra b'day is 3rd Oct, then the free movie pass is valid in October.

Yes, I am gonna watch Gamer by Gerard Butler.
Ps: The free pass entitle me to redeem ticket for movies with asterisk mark.


Horlic said...

Happy birthday longlibra! Sooner will be my birthday too haha!

Libraco said...

hehe...when u birthday i will wish u too =)
Gtg to have a blast as my friend said.

Aakanksha Singh said...

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