Sunday, October 4, 2009

Planet Pulse

Oww...My Big Day had just over =). Thanks everyone for celebrating my b'day and mooncake festival.

Well, Hanging around Mid Valley with my leng lui (pretty girl) and having great meal and watched "Gamer" as i told in last post. Yet i don't afford for a shopping spree. Oh, how sad is this!

Nevermind, when there's a want, there's a way. Too lucky i found something earn me some extra bucks (I like it when its in USD).

Wondering you can sitting at home conveniently earning part-time income? Besides online ads, e-commerce, and writing paid posts. What else you can earn money from?

Fear Factor Online?

Who Want to Be A Millionaire? Online version again (Grin)

No no. It's Planet - Pulse. Planet - Pulse is an online survey site that offer opportunity for us that sit at home to earn some part - time income.

How To Earn?
Undoubtably, the 1st step into earning online income is to register with the respective site & verify via email.
Then, the chance of getting paid for opinion is random, or i can say "by chance".
Based on my experience, I was selected for a survey the second day after service commenced.

You will receive an email like below stated the price and time length. Hit the link and grab the money guys. The best thing about this is that it pays in USD and minimum transfer amount of USD25 via PayPal.

After knowing this costless opportunity (except you have to spend some time) to make money, what are you waiting for? Register Planet Pulse Here!


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