Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Give Up, You Just Need 1 Dollar !

(American can buy lottery ticket from grocery shop, Jimmy bought here. I think 7 - 11 and other convenient store should start to provide such service *grin)

All you need is a dollar and a dream, as one New York lottery slogan goes. For many people, the dream is mostly unattainable, but it's not totally impossible.

The odd of winning the mega million jackpot in the US is minute, yet people patiently join the long queues in 12 states to buy a lottery ticket each week as the jackpot snowballs. The recent jackpot just roll out.

And Yes, Jimmy Groves did it. He is just a park labourer from Harlem, New York. He took home a whopping US$168 mil.

What Did The Winner Say?
"I am just a regular guy like everybody else. I got lucky."
"I was down and out, and I didn't have a dime in my pocket" Said Groves

*What a drastic change with so many zero-es in the bank book
Like This US$ 168,000,000.00 !!!

What Are Jimmy Going To Do Next?
"I want to buy a hamburger and visit Disneyland" Groves Replied

*Oh God, If I have such money i would buy few bungalowes stood top of mountain with wonderful seaside view. Rather than hamburger, why not have dinner in some top restraurant? Perhaps I'll spend US$ 30 mil for space travel.

Consequences of Getting Rich
Numerous phone call asking for money from relatives, friends, and others begging for money.

Should be sound something like this:

"Arlo, Bro. Congrats for becoming a millionaire. Do you remember that we share the same underwear during childhood? I think you know very well that sharing is caring. Would you give me some money?"

"it's a dream turned nightmare" But it's one nightmare that one has no intention of giving up.

My advice
 A dollar is enough. Remember to buy yourself some hope. In Malaysia, you can either buy TOTO Jackpot (RM1), Magnum Jackpot (RM2), and lastly Damacai Jackpot Lottery (RM3). But the price is different lor =D
Courtesy To: Lim Ai Lee (The Star Newspaper, Saturday 10, October, 2009)


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