Saturday, October 31, 2009

MM: Make Money With Catch Eye

Today is 31st and its Baskin Robbin Day! (^_^)V
Buy a BR ice cream and get 31% discount for your purchase. Make sure you queue up earlier and pack your wallet with cash.
Well, maybe it's too late for this post. You can wait till 31st December.

Yummy @.@
Wondering where to get more money to buy ice cream? I have got a new suggestion. But hold on. I need everyone here to notice a new icon in my blog sponsor column. Can you spot it? Indeed, you will know if you're a frequent visitor as it's been there for 3 days already.

What's new in my blog?
As seen from the picture below, you will spot a red icon named "catcheye" on the right

What is CatchEye actually?
Catcheye is an online advertising platform that allows advertisers to deliver their advertisements in a highly effective manner. Their ad delivery platform guarantees that each ad is viewed by unique and voluntary viewers.

How do CatchEye help us to make money?
In return of viewing ads, we will earn Catcheye reward points which can be exchanged for cash and/or other prizes. Viewers are also required to answer 3 simple questions related to the ad being displayed. It is for the purpose of strengthening our impression and understanding of the message being conveyed.

You can also earn more reward points by inviting others to join Catcheye. They will become part of your network and contribute a portion of their points to you! (Affiliate program)
In addition, Catcheye will donate to a charity organization (of the user’s choice) everytime an ad is viewed. So, we are actually helping people out there beside earning money. (The money come from advertisers, not us)

Why I support?
Although the system is still in the initial stage, why not give it a try. Moreover, it is a Malaysia website. We as a Malaysian should join to support such activity. As it got nothing to lose, but the chances to make some extra bucks and charity at the same time.

Your Option...
After viewing this post, click here and start to earn.
Or you can choose not to join and eat BR ice cream with your hard-earned money.

Courtesy to CatchEye Official Website


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