Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alternative To Reduce Phonebill

Most of us "boiling porridge" during these days. "Boiling Porridge" means making long phone call. XD
When our monthly postpaid phonebill finalizing, we began to scratch our head to fork out a sum of money to "BAIL OUT" the mobile service company.

Making a long phone call will burn a hole in your pocket. So, alot people turn to Skype now. Well, you will miss the day holding the phone at bed then.
Maybe I am abit too late for telling this but it's better than i didn't.
I noticed most people using more than 1 cellphone at present. I wana tell you that HAPPY Prepaid actually have a good deal for all of us. So,HAPPY can be your second choice.

Why It Is A Good Deal?

The calling rate to any network is RM0.33/minute and cap at maximum of RM0.99 for 15 minutes call. I personally think it's good for people who usually do long hour calling. And some of us not calling the same people everyday, which means that friends and family is actually not really applicable. (And most of the friends & family number will at least cost RM0.10/minute).
Although i am using Digi postpaid currently, but my calling rate is 0.13/minute. A 15 minutes call cost me RM1.95.

So, just hang off the phone before every 15 minutes and call again if you're using HAPPY. You will save more bucks in your pocket now. For the heavy users, I hope this lessen your financial burden and reduce the tendency of you getting bald.


Horlic said...

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