Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Citibank-Reader Digest Contest

Did anyone received a letter sent by reader digest attached with a RM250,000 mock cheque and car keys? The letter notify you to subscribe to 1 year of reader digest at discounted rate.

How it works?
Of course, the subscription of 1 year reader digest magazine entitle you a right to participate in the whatever contest. But you will get a free watch upon the subscription.
Then, you will automatically enter the contest of winning a car and RM250,000 paycheck by replying to the invitation via sending back of authorization for subscription attached with the mock cheque and the car key.

Do you think you can win?
I personally think that this is a marketing oriented strategy. So, the chance of winning is extremely small. Moreover, the invitation to subscribe is limited to selected Citibank Credit Card users. Which means you will still have to compete with tenth of thousands of Citibank Credit Card users.
Lastly, Reader Digest company had file for chapter 11 bankruptcy to reduce debt. I think your subscription money can be a portion RD's debt reduction policy, the marketing gimmick continues.

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Cinta Untuk Kita said...

my dad ada dapat invitation contest ni today.. nak percaya or tak? apa yg perlu saya buat?

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