Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time To Invest In Asia's Recovery

Kuala Lumpur: Positive developments in Asia have hinted that the region is on the road to economic recovery. These developments could also signal to investors that the time is ripe to consider opportunities available in the region.

Speaking at a media briefing on Investing Asia today, Sulaiman Mohd Tahir, Head of Consumer Sales & Distribution, CIMB Bank Berhad in his welcome address said: “Asian economies are well poised to recovery with China leading the way. Taking into account all the positive economic indicators from around the world and Asia, we expect the level of investors’ risk averseness to moderate and confidence to return significantly. This is also the best time for investors to consider the prospects of shifting into equities. At CIMB Bank, we are prepared to ride the next growth wave and ensure our investors’ portfolios are well positioned to benefit from a booming Asia.”

Investors were encouraged to take advantage of these Asian opportunities via three Asian equity funds managed by CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad (“CIMB-Principal”); two being conventional funds while the other is a Shariah-compliant fund.

Raymond Tang, Chief Investment Officer of CIMB-Principal stated that as at end July 2009 their three Asian funds - CIMB Islamic Asia Pacific Equity Fund, CIMB-Principal Emerging Asia Equity Fund and CIMB-Principal Asia Infrastructure Equity Fund have recorded a YTD cumulative performance of 50.68%, 49.46% and 36.83% respectively.

“The market moves ahead of the real economy by six to nine months. The recent positive market performance has moved in anticipation of the first round of recovery. From here we foresee a positive uptrend that investors can still partake of in anticipation of the second leg of the recovery,” he concluded.

Credit to: CIMB


Anonymous said...

definitely not in the stocks market

truth in the stocks market exchange:

1)broker can do front trading
broker can intercept the price by pushing slightly higher to earn the spread before they invest for their customers, this is usually used by GS.

2)most of the market maker play around with their own company stocks. from right they sell, from the left they buy back. This eventually trap a big portion of capital in the market.

3)be a well known fund manager
if you are a fund manager for big companies let say Prudential:

they take ppl's monthly deposit to invest into different markets. this huge amount of capital often play around by the fund manager to control the market. think back, is this a type of "ponzi scheme" method as fund manager receive constantly payment from customers???

Libraco said...

Yea, what you say is true. Well, for the market maker to play around with stocks, it's consider a crime (but usually the transaction will be conduct under different names). We'll leave SC to do its job. (Although it usually proved to be inffective)
By the way, what you mean by GS? (Goldman sachs?) =)

Lastly, thanks for giving a good explanation.

+ Mind to intro yourself? I'll be glad to know a new friend. I hope you too want to know a new friend.

Libraco said...

Sorry, i didnt answer the ponzi scheme. Well, fund manager control the fund and reinvest them into a diversified profile. However, usually the investment report come at the end of year. The activities of the fund movement during the year might not be clearly stated.

To be correct, insurance reinvest the premium paid by customer. But then the bank negara only allow certain percentage of premium to be channeled into overseas investment. (3% i think) Therefore, a big portion of money left for fund manager to play around then.

Anonymous said...

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