Friday, November 13, 2009

ISSUE: Fresh Grads Unemployment

Malaysia unemployment is a serious problem to the society. Getting a good result doesn't mean job security. Rather, it is a pass for fresh-grads to enter the door of large corporates. Some fresh-grads choose to wait and have fun before start working, while some choose to work immediately. Its all depend on personal financial health and preferences.

As a fresh grad without experience, it is very challenging to get notice by your future employer unless you aggressively applying for various jobs. While waiting for interview calls, the only thing you can do is to enhance your knowledge in the field and the company information.

Also must remember to update yourself with the latest market information. Then you attend the interview with 110% confidence. Usually the interview session will start with some paper test and reasoning test.

Then, showing your integrity and commitment into the relevant job is the last step to impress your interviewers. Be prepare to response to 2 interviewers.

What you can do after 1st interview? My answer to you is to apply more jobs and waiting for previous interviewers calling up for 2nd interview. Some companies will even employ potential candidates after 1st interview. However, your chances of getting hire is about 80%.

My Job Seeking History
I have apply roughly 30 jobs after finishing my last final exam. All I have is my result slips, then I slowly know that we need to take transcript from exam department.

Out of 30 job applications, I am being called up by 8 companies for face-to-face interview.

1st - OCBC
2nd - HSBC
3rd - AEON Credit Service
4th - Hong Leong Bank
5th - AEON Credit Service (2nd interview)
6th - Gidden Dornbusch
7th - EON Bank
8th - Citigroup

Guess who giving me an offer?
Answer is AEON Credit Service and EON Bank.

Job Selection
Another important thing I have to tell you is the selection of job. Basically there are 2 type of job functions in a comapny. It is either a sales job or technical job. An un-tested fresh grad shouldn't expect something more than RM3,000 but not lower than RM2,000 for a technical job to survive in Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur.

On the other hand, fresh grad can look for higher basic salary + attractive incentive in a sales based job. Basically extrovert will have higher chance to get such job. Below is the type of job I have interview with.

In comparison of technical and sales based job, I would say that a sales based job is more in demand. Therefore, alot of people have to fight for limited technical position in various company.

1st - OCBC (Sales Based)
2nd - HSBC (Technical)
3rd - AEON Credit Service (Technical)
4th - Hong Leong Bank (Sales Based)
5th - AEON Credit Service (Technical)
6th - Gidden Dornbusch (Sales Based)
7th - EON Bank (Sales Based)
8th - Citigroup (Technical)

Which Company I Join In The End?

When I post this in my blog, I will be on my 5th working day with AEON.

But then why did I choose AEON but not EON?
Salary Wise
- EON Bank actually offer higher salary than AEON.

Knowledge and Experience Wise
- AEON Credit Service is actually offer me an opportunity to build a unique skill in the credit assessment department.

Finally I choose AEON due to the unique experience. For me, I would rather choose for long term career development by enhancing my skills in the back-end processing than short-term frontline thrust.

- I choose to work immediately because I am struggle for survival after finishing my degree.
- I need experience to crawl faster, not run.
- Fresh grad gud luck in your job interview. Don't be choosy. Especially those with poor result.
- Bear in mind that starting from the lowest position is not an insult. Treat it as a training.


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The job market is very competitive now.
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wow CAD person! I was there for 4 years... in one of AEON branch. The new system (LOS) really sux.. haha... I am joining Eonbank soon.

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