Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Have you heard about REDtone at anywhere before? For those who already know, you may revise what happen in the market curently. While for those never know, do stay & read. Exploit your opportunities.

What Is REDtone Mobile?
REDtone Mobile is the subsidiary of REDtone International Berhad (Listed In Bursa Malaysia). In simple word, REDtone Mobile is an emerging TELCO in Malaysia. However, they provide service under Celcom platform.
It just like they buy mobile service from Celcom at wholesale price and sell to the mobile consumers. Although they are some sort like partnership.
Note: Celcom is providing the widest mobile service coverage in Malaysia, REDtone will benefit from that.
The only mobile phone service REDtone provide is REDtone Secured Postpaid Plan.

What Is REDtone Secured Postpaid Plan?
REDtone Secured Postpaid Plan is a "hybrid" mobile service package that combining partial features of the Postpaid Plan and Prepaid Plan offered by Malaysian TELCOs.
The benefits include:
i. Cheaper than normal prepaid plan, but cost abit more than normal postpaid plan.
ii. Online itemized billing (Usage tracking feature which normally doesn't appear in prepaid plan).
iii. Flexible payment method (You don't have to queue in counter waiting for number).
iv. Usage Monitoring (You no longer overspend on mobile phone usage).

Why Is It Under Money Making?
There only thing that REDtone think out of the box is the agent programme it is offering currently (Something like referral programme on the Internet).
Below are the steps of joining the programme.

Step 1
Sign Up For REDtone Secured Postpaid Plan.
(RM100 Joining Fee - RM80 Talk Time + RM10 Registration Fee + RM10 Referral Commission)

Step 2
Join the Million Dollar Agents Programme by signing up users.
The A&P funds are channeled to reward valued agents.

- Increase your inform with sign-up commissions
- Earn recurring commissions when your customers make payment
- Offer even more savings to your customers.

Agent Pay Out Scheme
Position                       Sign-Up Commissions
Agent                                        4%
Sub-agent                                  6%
Referral                                    10%

My View On REDtone
- REDtone mobile is currently aiming the prepaid mobile service section which made up to 80% of 27 million Malaysia mobile servise user. The market is worth RM10 billion and the potential is numerous. Of course the probability of success is depend on your effort and luck.
- A disadvantage for REDtone is that the minimum usage is RM38/month. I can conclude that most prepaid users are students/old folks/those been blacklisted by Telco/low-income group and RM38/month would appear to be unaffordable for them.
- Additionally, working people often subscribe to postpaid service than prepaid one. There are also quite alot of postpaid users paying more than what they are using. WHY? Because some of them working whole day and lack of social activity. Keeping mobile service activated is primarily for contacting family members and emergency events. These are the possible subscribers of REDtone.
- In conclusion, I think its an opportunities to earn extra income via REDtone agent programme which is legitimate. Althogh it is something like MLM. They will held opportunities talk every week on Monday (2pm), Wednesday (2pm and 8pm), and Friday (2pm) in IOI Business Park, Puchong. Try to arrange your time and attend one of those session. Then, you can make your decision whether to join or not.

Currently, there are 11,000 of REDtone e-payment counters and 5000 REDtone agents in Malaysia.
Contact 1 800-87-7790  for any queries/issues or visit to REDtone.
 Note: REDtone is one of the Wimax license holder in Malaysia.


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