Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MK: 5 Important Things To Know About Your Medical Card

@AIA medical card

Most of us possess a medical card from insurance company in this modern day. A medical card look flashy and trendy, but what the main fuction of a medical card?

Holding a medical card simply enable us to enter the ward as fast as possible during any emergency event.

A medical card will have our name, IC, and Policy No embossed on top. Since our personal info can be reach easily during the emergency, the hospital check-in process will be accelerated. In late 2006, I had to undergone an cosmetic operation for my nasal bone due to sport accident. So, I get to know my medical card better than other without such unique experience. Below is the 5 things i want every medical card holders in Malaysia to pay attention to,

1st. Panel Hospital
Knowing the panel hospital may save our life in a split second. In case of emergency, ask your agent which hospital is under "your insurer" panel. Else, wasting time in wrong hospital may let the insured miss the best time for treatment.

2nd. Annual Limit
Our medical card has a annual insured limit. For example, the annual limit is RM100k. Then, the hospital will prompt for payment when the bill accumulte until RM100k.
Therefore, please remember the limit of your medical card although there is little chance to bump into such incident.

3rd. Coverage Details
Major insurance companies in Malaysia had set a treshold for certain type of treatment. For instance, max. RM30k for dialysis treatment, max 30 days of outpatient treatment, max 30days of post hospitalization treatment.
Knowing every details of the medical plan help the insured to properly arrange schedule for their treatment.

4th. Policy Status
*Never ever lapse any payment on any insurance plan.
Once we had lapse payment (especially during emergency), the insurer will take it as an excuse & will not providing coverage for the insured.
Always remember to make payment on time, my friend.

5th. Pay 1st, reimburse later
A lot of hospitals would request patients to pay for their treatment in advance. The money will be reimbursed after the insured filed a proper claim.
Normally, such event will happen when the insured consult non-panel doctor in the panel hospital.

~ Kindly comment if you got any suggestion. Your kind opinion are most welcome. Lastly, I share the giant stitch with you.

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