Sunday, December 27, 2009

ISS: Beware! New & Simple Method To Steal Your ATM Money

Dear Readers,

Beware when withdrawing money from your account when using ATM machine.
Thief no longer need to steal the whole ATM machine to take away cash inside it.

There's a new and simple method in town stealing our ATM card and password. Take a look on the pictures below:

Firstly, the man standing in front of the ATM looks like doing a transaction.

In What he's really doing there?
In fact, he is actually placing a trap to "capture" the next user card.

Altering the ATM is a risky business, these men work in teams.
The lookout warns of any possible eye witnesses/ or next potential victim.

Here comes the "prey".
He inserts his card and begins his transactions.

The ATM card is confiscated, and the "prey" is confused.
However, here we see the cavalry coming to help. (HELP!!!).

Here we see the thief pretending to help. He is trying to gain access to the "preys" PIN number, since he already capture the card.

The good Samaritan convinces the "prey" to press his PIN, while the Samaritan press 'cancel' and 'enter'.

After several attempts the "prey" is convinced his card has been confiscated. The "prey" and the Samaritan leave the ATM simultaneously.

After making sure the area is clear, the thief returns to recover the confiscated card from his trap. Not only did he has the card, he also has the PIN the "prey" provided unknowingly.

In possession of the card and the PIN he leaves the ATM with money from the "preys" account.

How the trap been set up?

The trap is made up of XRAY film, which is the preferred material by thieves. Simply because the black color which is similar in appearances to the slot on the card reader.

The trap is then inserted into the ATM slot. Care is taken not to insert the entire film into the slot. The ends are folded and contain glue strips for better adhesion to the inner and outer surface of the slots.

Once the ends are firmly glued and fixed to the slot, it is almost impossible to detect by unsuspecting clients.

Slits are cut into both sides of the trap. This prevents your card being returned prior to completing your transaction.

As soon as the "prey" has gone, and the have your PIN. The thief can remove the glued trap, by grasping the folded tips, and simply pulls the trap out that has retained your card.

My advices to all readers
After viewing the above pictures, what type measures should the ATM users need to take? Note that majority of us are ATM card holder. Don't use ATM anymore?
Here are my personal suggestions to undertake when you encounter such problem,
i. Never leave your card unattended even it's been confiscated or trapped inside the ATM machine. Do contact the bank's customer service hotline immediately to request for help. Stay there and wait for help.
ii. Never let anyone standing in a short range that allow he/she to peep at your PIN. You will end up providing your PIN unknowingly.
*Don't ever reveal your PIN to anyone, except your immediate family if necessary.
iii.  Always observe the ATM slot and the card reader for any signs of tampering. Should you see the film tips glued to the slot, unglue, pull the trap out and recover your card.

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