Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My WishList 2010

2010 is coming to our way, had you plan your year ahead?
If yes, I hope your plan would be successful.
If no, you better finetuned yourself for the tough 2010.

In 2010, I aims for the achievables only. I wish to achieved all 7 wishes of 2010 before 2011.

Why am I planning to achieve these?
Everyone knows that a plan may not always goes the way we want it to be. However, a planning will guide us to do the right thing, focus on the priorities, and make sure everything is in progress.

Indeed, I have to accumulate Euro 1 billion to board the ark for saving my life in 2012. (I know its lame =P)

My Wishlists Are:
1st. Provide monetary support for my family

As I'd just started to work on NOV 2009, I hardly can provide any financial aids for my family back in Penang. Moreover, the expenses in KL is much heavy than in Penang.
So, I hope to increase earnings from secondary income & also hoping for salary increment from my primary job. Hopefully the effort paid are being rewarded.

2nd. RM10k savings in bank

Everyone needs to keep their own saving for emergency purpose. RM10k in bank is to let my heart feel comfortable in order to meet any unexpected expendicture.

3rd. Equity Investment

Throwing some money into the equity market is the dream I'd longed-for. I personally believe that the stock market will drop again next year, probably during the CNY. In my opinion, short-term investors will withdraw their current position in Malaysia, and that's the right time to enter.

4th. Blog readership to reached 50k

I hope everyone can get some precious info they want from this blog. Other than that, I plan to have 3 updates per weeks for this blog. Which mean I have to update 156 posts per year (52 weeks X 3 updates = 156 updates). I will try my best to write the most relevant topic to the current market movement. Please stay tuned.
Before end of 2010, i hope total visits will reach 50,000.

5th. Buy A car

Living in this modern age without a car is quite miserable. A car can provide me mobility to shuffle around where i want to be.
Therefore, I need a car to travel in Kl and also for the convenience of going back to Penang. Currently, Proton Sage seems to be the most viable car model available in the market with the affordable price, spacious design, fuel saving, and low maintanence fee. I think i will opt for Saga if no better new model with same price range to be roll out next year.

6th. Buy A new laptop.

My laptop is essential for gaming, surfing, blogging, chatting, reading e-mails, reading newspapaer, and also watchig movies. My present laptop is getting slow in term of speed and easily to get hang.
So, i expect to buy a new laptop in 2010 with higher processing power, higher storage, higher RAM, and equipped with Windows 7. My preferred brands are toshiba, samsung, asus, and sony.
I don't mind if getting a Dell =)

7th. Get A Credit Card

I need a credit card to make purchase online, especially for buying movie ticket online. I would most probably apply a credit card from AEON and also EON bank (to enjoy 50% rebate on movie ticket).
However, I will not apply any credit card if the RM50 service tax on the credit card is not cancelled or being absorbed by the card issuer. I will use Debit Card instead.
I personally believe that I can manage my credit usage decently.

So what's is inside your wishlist for 2010? Kindly share it here.


Yuen Yoong said...

I hope to get a new touchscreen cellphone by 2010

eunice said...

Hi, dropping from innit. you have great goals! hope u achieve them

Anonymous said...

gud blog

Chili Crab said...

I want a lappy too!

searich said...

I AGREE with getting a car but DISAGREE getting a credit planning bro =)

Anonymous said...

I wish to have a car too~ = )
maybe nxt year im buying a car xD


ebook said...

great post and waiting for your smile

Smart Best Info said...

If I million dollar man in 2010, I want buy island to build a blog network earn much more money for all blog's friend.
This is my dream.....maybe everyone wants...

Jayce said...

Glad to see your first priority is for family. ^_^

By the way, just my 2cents, get a domain name and use WordPress. It is good for long run ~ an important investment. Your blog is still new, still can change. :)

Personal Finance said...

I really enjoyed reading your posts.

camilynn said...


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