Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shop In The Malaysia Mega Sales 2009

I know it's abit late for this post, but I also know I have to mention to everyone here that the Malaysia Year-End Sales a.k.a Mega Sales is back.

Start from 21 November 2009 to 3 January 2010, enjoy your crazy shopping spree with great discount on almost everything for 44 days. There's couple of ten-days left now.

Why Do Malaysian Like To Shop During The Mega Sales?
The only reason why Malaysians like to shop in the mega sales is because of the insane discount. Once they see the 30% - 70% discount figure, everything become irresistable. However, most merchants would have mark up the item for double, triple or even higher pricing before giving out huge discount.

Be A Good Shopper! But how?
Look for quality with reasonable price
Alot of people will definitely buying alot of cheap and low quality items from the Mega Sales.
So, ask yourself a question next time.
" how long can this thing last?"
If the product have short lifespan, keep changing over and over again is definitely increase your expenses.
Buy a quality one, and change less frequent.

The question "do I need this?" & "how many times I am gonna use this?" is the key to answer your own demand.
Bear in mind that only buy those that are necessary and frequently-used. Otherwise, opt for alternatives.

Luxury Product?
For those who want to save money, luxury product is a No! No!
Save your money for better investment than to pamper yourself in vanity.

For myself,
I'll definitedly do my shopping after getting salary in the end of the december.
My targets are CNY apparel, christmas gift and having a good meal.
How about yours? Lets share it here =)


Alza club said...

nice blog,thanks for sharing :) merry x'mas!

Libraco said...

=) thx Alza Club
May you have a merry christmas and happy new year =)

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