Saturday, December 19, 2009

MS: Convert Excess Item Into Cash

The new year is coming on our way. 2010 is just 12 days ahead. During the Malaysia Year - End Sales 2009, I believe some group of people are preparing to gear their home wih new stuff, such as a brand new LCD TV, new Lappy, Household Applicances, and other Hardware.

BUT....How about the crap item no longer in use?

The home would fill with old hardware that makes the whole place look messy. Of course there's several ways to manage the excess hardware. One of them is selling to 2nd-hand goods buyer.
Apparently, the buyer of 2nd-hand goods is close to extinct. Especially for goods other than antiques and jewellery. Cash-Convertor stands out to be one we should opt for.

Source: TheStar                                                     

Cash Convertor had 530 stores in 34 countries, since it began operation in 1984. Cash Convertor also make appearance in Asia countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. For my dear readers, the Malaysia branches located in Ampang Point, Klang, Sunway, Taman SEA, Plentong, and Sri Selayang.

How To Sell To Cash Convertor?
Simply bring your valuable item to any Cash Convertor branch. Then, the shop assistance would help to look at the product actual state to give a fair price estimate. (Indeed, we will get lower than market price because the buyer need to bear the risk of idle sales)

There are 4 simple steps to enhance the value of your valuable item (for hardware):

Type of Products Sellable in Cash Convertor
Generally, Cash Convertor will absorb any item that has resale value. However, do make sure your valuable item is in working condition. (Especially for electrical and electronic products)

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Cash Convertor Can Be A Good Place To Shop Too?
Yes, do shop in Cash Convertor for unusual, unique and bizarre items. It is not an accident to discover a limited edition watch, a missing artifact, and a slightly used good in Cash Convertor.
If you did read my last post, then you'll know that I did mentioned do not buy less-frequently-use item in the Year End Sales. If you really need those, why not pay a visit to Cash Convertor? You will get to bargain the price as well as do a good deed for preserve the earth through "reusing".

Please note that this is not a paid post, all opinions are strictly from the authors.
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Ken said...

Never knew there's such a service in Malaysia.
But who would keep the manual of the appliances for several years?


Libraco said...

haha, so you have to keep the manual next time for better bargain with the buyer.

have a eventful december.

zuwairiaiman said...

great articles... keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

People said you are jealous of 1com success

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