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Zodiac Money Luck 2010 (Part 1)

14 days away from Chinese New Year, have you done your new year shopping spree?
Yes I guess most of us shop alot during the CNY.
Apart from changing new attire, new hairstyle, new house, and new car (*some people even change new gf), but did you notice your luck will change as well?
I know everyone thinking I am BS here! But you rather believe it than you don't.
The Zodiac Money Luck 2010 display the luck of different zodiac sign in term of Career, Money, and Fortune. Have a look and treat it as precaution. Good luck for CNY2010.


If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Pig, not Rat.

When Rat people meet Tiger year, they will be running around all the time. This is because Tiger is the Travel Star to Rat In Chinese Horoscope. This implies that Rat people will be busy in 2010 and might have to travel more or work far away for their jobs. Since they might work longer hours or overtime, they will feel lonely especially while traveling. If Rat people need to drive on work, then they have to drive carefully to prevent trouble related to law. Rat people need to use more brain power for the daily activity during the spring. But they will gain help and support after summer.

Rat people don't have any significant career sign in 2010. Some troubles or obstacles might appear to keep your job busy. Don't put your career expectation too high. You need to think twice before leaping for any career opportunity. Your enemy might talk about your bad reputation behind your back. As long as you do things slowly and surely, your career will stabilize. People who appreciate, care, and support you also will appear often between April and October. In general, the career luck will be up and down. You can obtain your return, but you need to work hard.

There is a hidden Money Star inside the Tiger for Rat people. But the Money is required your performance and achievement to get it. We know Tiger will keep Rat people busy. That means the more active you are, the more money you earn. Since the money comes from your hardship, you need to watch your expenses. If you have extra savings, then it's fine for the long term investment. But you need to consider twice or say no if your friends or relatives ask for a short term loan. The money luck is not that good, you don't have to push yourself too much and impact your health.

Rat people will have much lesser pressure than last year. The most important factor has to pay attention is the health. This is because Tiger year will make you busy and you need a good health to handle the pressure. If you like to solve problems, remove the hinder, and challenge troubles, then 2010 will be a good year to you. If you don't like to face trouble, then 2010 is still a fair year to you, because your helper will appear after you cannot find the solution for the trouble.


If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Rat, not Cow.

When Cow meets Tiger, Tiger will ignore Cow's existence. But Cow people better stay alert. Basically, Cow people have a smooth year in 2010. But they still have to pay attention to safety during their work hours to prevent any accidents. Something related to your performance, reputation, and/or people relationship will happen first. This will determine your career luck in the second half of the year. Cow people's love relationship is pretty good in 2010. Women have better romantic relationship luck than men. Married women have a hard time taking care of their children, husband and career all together. Health luck is great too. You shouldn't have any major issues with your health in 2010. Money luck is also good. Cow people still have to watch their financial management to avoid any unexpected money loss.

2010 is a Metal Tiger year. It gives your the chance to show your talent to people. Tiger gives Cow pressure, and that pressure is related to career. That means there is a job opportunity for you in 2010, but it doesn't mean you have full career luck. It all depends on your performance and communication skills. There is an Unlucky Star hidden between Cow and Tiger. That implies a career challenge with risk. If you work in unsafe environment, then you have to pay attention on your safety during working hours. If safety is not the issue, then you will face tough decision-making situations in your position that requires your strong determination and quick judgment to handle the tasks. Fortunately there is a Lucky Star, which shows help or support around you in 2010. If you have difficulty at work, you can ask advice from people around. As long as you show your proactive and enthusiastic working attitude, someone will appreciate your personality, performance and work ethic. Then you have the chance to earn a reward or a promotion.

Cow people don't have any significant money luck in 2010. Your income must come from your regular job. As long as you can hold on your job position, then you should have a stable income. A Helper Star also appears in the Metal Tiger year. That means you can have extra income with people's help. Because Tiger contains an unpredictable sign, don't try for any risky investment based on your own opinion. Any financial plan is required to have advice from friends or the guide from experts of money management. Otherwise, an unexpected money loss is possible.

Cow people had either very good or very bad luck in 2009. If you were born with strong personality, then you might have lot of trouble in 2009. If you have soft personality, then you might get lots of help from your friends or relatives. 2010 will become a different story. Cow people will face different challenges in 2010. In this situation, it is favorable to strong-minded people who have the determination to reach their goals. But it's unfavorable to self-willed or self-indulgent people who are extremely emotional.


If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Cow, not Tiger.

Chinese say one mountain cannot abide two tigers. That means there can only have one king in the nation. Tiger is a vigorous and ferocious animal. One Tiger is a symbol of power and authority. Two Tigers mean fighting for power. The loser will become powerless. Therefore, it's a taboo for Tiger people meet the Tiger of zodiac year. This implies 2010 is not a good year for Tiger people. Friendship, love relationship, money management, career position or power competition might be damaged in 2010. In short, try to seek for no mistake, but not expecting major prosperity in year of Tiger.

2010 is Metal Tiger year. Tiger doesn't like Metal. The career activities are the major events in this year. That means the career pressure will come soon or later. If you have good people relationship, then your friends or coworkers will help you to overcome the challenge from your job. Then you might have a chance for promotion. If you are a female and you have trouble from men or job, then your friends can help you to take care of the problem. If you don't have supporters in your working environment, then your position or power will be damaged by friends, relatives or an enemy at work. If you are female and have a boy friend, then your love relationship won't get any improvement or your boy friend has trouble in his career. Therefore, Tiger people need good reputation to make their career easy. Building friendships or business relationships is important in 210 for Tiger people.

Money luck is unfavorable to Tiger people in 2010. Money is always connected with job and friends. As long as you can keep your job, then you should have a stable income. You have to say no to a loan to a friend, an endorsement to a friend, a loan-cosigning for friend, or any risky investment suggested from friend to prevent money loss. In general, Tiger people should budget their expense and adjust their financial plan in 2010.

The major event in 2010 for man is the career. The major issue for woman is career or boyfriend or spouse. This not only brings the trouble and pressure to Tiger people, but it could expand to a poor relationship with friends, siblings or coworkers. The worst case will become financial crisis. It sounds that Tiger year won't bring any good luck for Tiger people. However, an accurate prediction needs to be analyzed with the entire Chinese Astrology birth chart. If Wood is your Lucky Element in your Chinese astrology birth chart, then Tiger is your Lucky Animal. Please read 2010 Chinese Five Element Astrology.

(Cute isn't it? I am born in rabbit year^^)

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Tiger, not Rabbit.

Rabbit is swift, agile, tricky, and always alert. Therefore Rabbit can survive in the Tiger's kingdom. 2010 is Metal Tiger year. Metal brings pressure on Rabbit. But Rabbit can become more confident when Tiger is around. This is a fair year to Rabbit people. There are no strong lucky signs shown in the career and money area, but the opportunity still exists. It's required to have the wisdom to catch it. Health shouldn't have any problem, because a lucky Sun Star connected with health in 2010. Women have better love opportunity or relationship than men. Rabbit people need to follow the rules and watch their words and deeds to avoid the damage in business, people or love relationships.

The Sun Star comes into Rabbit people's life to show the light of hope in 2010. But the road of career is not completely smooth. Rabbit people will be busy on the activities related to career in this year. That means there is career opportunity there. It might be required some degree of challenge to handle the pressure. Tiger year implies that your friends, coworkers, siblings or same generation people are always around you to guide you to solve the problems. If you need people's help, then you need good people relationship. If you don't treat people well, then your career opportunity will be ruined by your enemy or yourself. The friendship or business relationship is the key to succeed in 2010 for Rabbit people. If you are female without a job, then the major activity might be something to do with your boy friend, husband or law related issue.

Money luck is good to Rabbit people in 2010. Money is always connected with job and friends. The major income for Rabbit people this year is from stable salary, not from lottery or any windfall. If you own your business, then you need good people relationships to expand your business market. By asking the advice from friends or experts, you can do different investment in different area to create multiple income from different sources. Rabbit people's money luck in the Tiger year is still limited. You cannot win it all. Therefore, you shouldn't be greedy for any risky investment or short term gambling.

There is more good signs than bad signs for Rabbit people in 2010. The major event for men is the career. The major issue for women is career or boyfriend or spouse. This is a year to show your intelligence, not your courage only. Rabbit people need to outsmart the Tiger. So Tiger would like to be in their side. If Tiger is smarter than Rabbit, then both career and money pressures come together to them. In general, Rabbit people need to focus on people connection in order to gain better career opportunity, higher financial return and closer love relationship. The health of Rabbit people should be fine in 2010. But they have to pay attention on the health of elders in their families.


If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Rabbit, not Dragon.

Dragon and Tiger have their powers on their own territory. When Dragon meets Tiger, they respect each other. They usually don't fight unless different animals have affinity relationship with them. That means Dragon won't get any benefit from Tiger. This implies the fortune of most Dragon people in 2010 is fair. Also, this Metal Tiger year brings more Unlucky Stars than Lucky Stars to Dragon people. Therefore, Dragon people need to stay alert on their investments, keep focusing on their daily work, and watch their words and behaviors in their social life to avoid any indiscretion to cause money loss. There is no Love Sign showing for Dragon people in 2010. The health of Dragon people in the Tiger year will be fine, but they need to pay more attention on the health of family members.

One Lucky Star appears in Career area. It indicates that your position power or job responsibility will increase. But it comes with one Unlucky Star which stands for disagreement or argument with people. The Metal Tiger is a good year to show your talent, express your idea and emphasize your performance to the people. There is a chance that people appreciate your working quality and quantity, and then the opportunity of promotion will arrive. On the other hand, you will need to build working relationships with people who support you or your subordinates. Because of your outstanding performance, people are watching you all the time. You need to pay attention on your behavior even after working hours. Your reputation will determine your career luck. If you have children, then you might spend more time with them or worry about something related to them. If you are married female with children, then you might not have enough time to take care your husband, children and your own career in the same time.

There is no significant Money luck coming in 2010. The major income should come from your salary. Salary is not easy money. It requires lots of energy and brain power to overcome the pressure of getting it, so you need to plan your budget, watch your expenses, and then you will have the savings. Since there is no lottery or windfall luck, Dragon people shouldn't do any risky short-term investment or gambling in the year of Tiger.

You have fair luck in 2010. The major event in the Metal Tiger year is related to your career and reputation. A stable career determines your money income. To build people relationships to enhance your reputation is the key to keep your job safe. Although there are signs of argument, law event, accident and hospitalization in 2010, you will be fine as long as you watch for your safety often. The health to your should be OK. You just have to be concerned about the health of the people closest to you. If you have children, make sure to spend time with them.


If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dragon, not Snake.
Snake and Tiger don't fight face to face. But Snake and Tiger cannot get along too well. This implies that Snake's public relationship is very poor in 2010, year of Tiger. Poor people relationship will impact career opportunity, business promotion and love relationship. Therefore, Snake people will lack a peaceful mind and happy mood in 2010. Some Lucky Stars gather in Love area. Snake people need to avoid any argument with boy/girl friends, spouse, close family members or business partners. They must control their temper and emotion when things go wrong. Otherwise, it will be very easy to lose friendships, love, business relationships or career opportunities.

The career luck is fair to Snake people in 2010. There is a sign connected to your boss or senior coworker in the office. You will spend more hours and work with them often. If they really help your task, then your job is safe and you have salary income. If they bring you trouble and slow down your schedule, then you might transfer to a different position. Snake people have better double check their tasks before delivery. Since people relationship is poor, you shouldn't let your enemies take advantage on your negligence or mistake. This can prevent from later unnecessary arguments. If you own your business, then your investment return in research or marketing won't reach your expectation. Your business approach needs to follow the law to prevent from any lawsuit.

The good news for Snake people about money is the money opportunity there. The bad news is money luck is limited because of your poor social skills or business connections. If you work for someone, the major income is your salary. Unless you can work for extra hours, you won't get any easy money. Do not think about short-term investment giving you a quick return. There is a chance that you have to spend money on your mother, mother-in-law or female elders in your family. If you own a company, then company earnings from sales won't increase easily. You might have to spend additional money on company's equipments or decorations. Salesladies can do the better marketing job for you. Or female clients can help you to increase the sales.

The people relationship is the key to determine the fortune of Snake people in 2010. If you have poor public connection, then your bad emotion will impact your career, money and love area. If you have an argument with someone, then you have more chance to become the loser because of lesser supporters. If your Chinese astrology birth chart has a Monkey sign, then you need to pay more attention to your people relationships. On the other hand, if you know how to deal with your temper and passion, then all the opportunities in 2010 are open to you.

There is a lucky Moon Star appearing in 2010 for Snake people. If Snake people need help from others, they can try to find a female mentor or an older female. However, do not find Tiger people to help them for social, love, financial or business relationship.

Well, don't blame anyone when bad things happen.
Credit to: ChineseFortuneCalendar (Please visit the main website for detailed analysis)


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