Thursday, February 4, 2010

Zodiac Money Luck 2010 (Part 2)

Here I present the part II of Zodiac Money Luck 2010. For those who miss out the earlier post, please visit to Zodiac Money Luck 2010 Part I.
The last six zodiac sign feature in part II are Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig.
Have a look and treat it as precaution. Good luck for CNY2010.
Okay, let's start!

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Snake, not Horse.
Horse people didn't have a great luck last two years. 2010 is a turning point year. There are three Lucky Stars coming into Horse people life in the same time. They are Power Star, Scholarship Star and Financial Star. That means career opportunity, good reputation and money luck are pretty good in the year of Tiger. Plus, people and love relationships are good in 2010. The only bad news for Horse people is that the villains are still around. Since you have good income, they are quite interested in your money. Therefore, do not covet the a small profit, otherwise it will return to you as a big money loss. Then it follows up with an argument or poor health.


There is a Power Star appearing in 2010. This Power Star stands for leadership, management and decision-making. It's very clear that a job opportunity is waiting for Horse people. In the year of the Tiger, Horse people's job responsibility will increase. Your project will go smoothly, your schedule will be under your control and the progress will be satisfactory. If you need help, then people will be around. As long as your business development direction meets the company's expectation, then there is a chance of promotion. However, you still need to pay attention on job detail. Any negligence or mistake you make will provide the chance for your enemy to block your career path.

A Financial Star related to money management comes to Horse people. That implies you have more money income and you will consider money investment or money management. Metal Tiger year also contains a sign of money. That means you will spend more time on money related events than the previous year. The money luck is good, but you still have the chance to lose money in the other end. Because you are richer, villains behind you are waiting for your donation. Don't make any contribution for the reason of saving face. Don't be greedy or lazy to invest money without studying the business opportunity. Thus, Horse people will have good savings in the year of Tiger.

Horse people have more good news than bad news in 2010. Career and money are major events to you. In career, you need to learn the leadership communication and management skills to build your people connections and career relationships. Then a job promotion or pay raise are possible. The money luck will come after the career's accomplishment. Meanwhile, you still need to focus on your moves all the time to prevent any mistakes caused by neglect. Otherwise your career or money prospect will dim in 2010. There is no strong love sign for single Horse people. But your good people relationship still open the opportunity for you. As long as you can make sure you have good health, 2010 will be a very good year to you.

If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Horse, not Sheep.

Sheep people shouldn't have had any great fortune in 2009, year of Cow. This is because Cow and Sheep have a fighting relationship, which brings very poor luck to people. In 2010, year of Tiger, there are many Lucky Stars coming into Sheep people's life. Those signs shows Sheep people have good career luck, people relationship, financial status and love relationship in 2010. However, when Sheep meets Tiger, sheep always have pressure. Therefore, Sheep people need to become smarter and act stronger during the Tiger year. Then 2010 will be an easy year for them.
Tiger brings Sheep pressure. Therefore, career pressure will exist during the year of Tiger. The good news is you have a job. The better news is you have a two Sky Helper and Moon Helper Stars in 2010. Whenever you have difficulty or trouble in your task, you can get help from people close to you. Also, you will become smarter in the Metal Tiger. You will have more creativity or have an outstanding idea to show people. Then you will gain the reputation from your boss and coworkers. If you have any chance to sign a contract for your business or career future, then you have better advice from people. Make sure you understand the contract to avoid any entanglement in agreement later.
Sheep people have both Moon Star and Happy Star appearing in the Metal Tiger year. This clearly means that your talent, performance and reputation bring good income for you in 2010. If you own a business, then you will see your business booming and your profit growing. However, you cannot gamble your money luck into a short-term risky investment. This is because that you have an Unlucky Star showing that there is a hole in your pocket. Your money is leaking while you are earning. Either you spend more time and energy to watch your financial management, or make some donations to charity to prevent from money loss from other investments.
There are many good signs for Sheep people in 2010. Career, reputation and wealth have good opportunities. But your intelligence and courage are required to reach your dreams. The social and love relationship will bring you a happy mood in 2010. If you are married with children, you might have trouble taking care of your career and children at the same time. If you are a married female, then you don't have enough time for your kids, husband and your own career. Sheep people have good luck in the year of Tiger. They should spend more time taking care of their relatives or help other needy people.


If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Sheep, not Monkey.

Monkey is too active, so Tiger doesn't like Monkey. Tiger and Monkey have fighting relationship in Chinese horoscope. This is not a good sign for Monkey people in 2010. There is a Travel Star coming in the year of Tiger. That implies that you will be busy for your work, your business or your people relationship all year long. Your busy schedule doesn't guarantee a good return from your time and energy, because an unstable sign is there. Some other Unlucky Stars also come to Monkey people. There is money luck from salary, but with a sign of money loss. The love relationship is up and down. Since Monkey people will have more outdoor activities, they have to pay attention the safety while traveling or driving. Fortunately, one Lucky Helper Star also appearing in year of Tiger. Hopefully, Monkey people can find someone to help when they encounter a big trouble.

Because of the appearance of the Travel Star, Monkey people have to work hard and are very busy for money. They will have more coordination, discussion, visiting, interview tasks in the office. They might have to visit their clients more often, travel out of town for errands, or even go abroad for business trips. The job income will come from the traveling. Because of a tight schedule, Monkey people should plan well for each traveling. Otherwise, they might have to do something twice and create more frustrations for their time. There is a chance to find a new job position. But you need to evaluate the new career position carefully before quitting the current job. This is because that Tiger won't let things go smoothly for Monkey people's business. In general, the motto of the career luck is moving with caution is a better than standing still.

There is a Money Star appearing in 2010 for Monkey people. That indicates Monkey people have money opportunity. However, the money luck is fair. You don't have good luck in easy investments, lottery or gambling. The major money income is from your regular job. As long as your job keeps you busy, then you will have a stable salary income. One Unlucky Star shows the sign of money loss. Therefore, Monkey people should avoid short-term risky investment. Next, Monkey people shouldn't provide a loan or endorse financial assistance on any contract to friends or relatives. When the money becomes an issue, then your friendships will hurt a lot. Monkey people also need to stay alert for safety while traveling. Any accident might cause you a big money loss.

The major event of Monkey people in 2010 is the money. All the pressure from the career is for the money income. The tension of the job is up and down. Your mood and emotion will become unstable. Since a Lucky Star appearing in this year, many jobs will show difficulty at the beginning, but will become easier later. The money comes in a hard way. Therefore Monkey people need to budget their expense and save extra earnings for emergency use. Even if you have extra money, then do not loan money to anyone without a collateral value. Certainly, do not get a loan from people for your investment. Next, Monkey people need to manage their social relationships carefully in the year of Tiger. Bad people relationships might impact your money luck. People who have poor money luck usually won't have a good love relationship. Therefore, the key for Monkey people's fortune in the Tiger year is to build good people relationship and avoid any competition and/or arguments with your enemies.


If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Monkey, not Chicken.

The lucky Purple Star and Dragon Star come for Chicken people in 2010. They indicate that power, support and leadership may fall upon your shoulders. This is a very good sign for your career; there is a chance of promotion or even pay raise. Therefore, money luck comes after career. Your wealth will increase mainly from your salary, not from the easy investment. However, there is an Unlucky Loss Star hiding in the corner. That means there is a chance of failure because of your mistake or negligence. In the year of Metal Tiger, the personality of Chicken people will become more domineering, arrogant and irritable. This makes it easy to have arguments with Chicken people. The social relationship is very important for Chicken people in this year. The poor people relationship might turn the fortune of Tiger year into a different direction. Therefore, Chicken people need to watch their words and deeds in 2010.

The Purple Star appears in the year of Tiger. This means that Chicken people will have the chance to show their talent to people and have the opportunity to act in a leadership role. The Dragon Star implies Chicken people can get help whenever they encounter an obstacle or trouble. Therefore, the career luck is for Chicken people is pretty good. Their job responsibilities will increase and the power of position will expand. A job promotion, job relocation or pay raise are possible. Because another Big Loss Star coming in the same year, there is a chance of up and down in the career path in 2010. Chicken people will have a stronger, determined and domineering personality. It's very important for Chicken people to pay attention with their expressions and behaviors when dealing with people to eliminate the chance that your enemies may stab you in the back.

Chicken people have good money luck in the Metal Tiger year. The major income will come from your career. If you own a business, then Purple Star and Dragon Star will help you to bring in more customers and increase your business profit. If you work for someone, in order to increase more income, you still need the help from your friends, supporters or helpers around. Since the Unlucky Star is there, the money luck might have a chance to become unstable. Therefore, Chicken people still need to watch for the budget and do extra savings, in case that you need a big unexpected expense in the near future. Chicken people shouldn't do any short-term risky investment. There is no lottery, gambling or windfall luck in 2010.

Basically, Chicken people have a good luck in year of Tiger, because of two major Lucky Stars. The major event in the Metal Tiger year is related to money. The money is connected to friends, siblings, money and father. It's also connected to spouse for male Chicken people. That means your money luck determined by the relationship with them. Therefore, you need to maintain good social and family relationships. There is a chance that Tiger year brings Chicken people good career luck and money luck together. But Chicken people shouldn't become arrogant, self-satisfied or conceited. Your speeches and actions might change your fortune in 2010. It's possible that a mistake can cause the loss of a job, money loss, a broken heart or even an injury.


If your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Chicken, not Dog.

In 2009, Dog and Cow have fighting relationship. Dog people shouldn't have good people relationship in year of Cow. The fortune of 2010 for Dog people is fair because there is no major Lucky Star coming. But 2010 is the time for Dog people to show their talent to others. Dog people don't have to push themselves too much for higher expectation. They can do things slowly but surely to prevent any mistakes that may cause additional loss. Building better people relationships is the key to enhance money luck and release career pressure.

There is a Lucky Flower Star appearing in the year of Tiger. That means Dog people will become more intelligent. They can express clearly to people about their ideas, creations, designs or writing. Therefore, people will respect Dog people's inspiration and talent. There might be a job opportunity there. However, you don't have any Lucky Helper Star in 2010. Either there is no opening position suitable for your talent or there is no supporters to praise and recognize your effort. It's possible that you won't have a good chance for promotion. But people will remember your performance and they will give you credit later. This tells us that Dog people don't have to urge to find a new job in the year of Tiger.

The Flower Star helps you to deliver your talent to people. And you will gain good reputation from there. The reputation will help you to build more business or money income. But this Flower Star is related to art, advertising, design, performance, stage, writing, music, acting, and the marketing business. The traditional trading business cannot take too much advantage from it. There is no strong Money sign in 2010. Dog people cannot do the short-term risky investment. There is no easy money from lottery, gamble or windfall. In general, Dog people should focus on their stable salary income.

The major highlights for Dog people in 2010 is the reputation and career. Dog people will do fine for their people relationship. Plus, showing their talent, Dog people should have good reputation in year of Tiger. Without strong career luck, Dog people may become impatient and irritate their career future. But the strategy for Dog people in 2010 is defense, not offense. They shouldn't push their luck in career. Dog people should concentrate on their safety or negligence to avoid unnecessary loss.


Your birthday is before February 4, then your astrological sign is Dog, not Pig.

Pig is a lucky animal in Chinese horoscope. When Pig meets Tiger, they can get along pretty well. That means the people relationship is excellent for Pig people in the year of Tiger. The Intelligent Star and Sky Helper Star arrive to Pig people life. Both career luck and money luck are pretty good. Love relationship is even better. There is a marriage chance for single Pig people. There is no health issue for Pig people in 2010.

The Intelligent Star appearing in the Metal Tiger Year. Pig people will learn lots of knowledge for their job. Also, many people around in your working environment you will care and support about you. Your talent will make your job easy. Your performance and achievement will help your career development. A job promotion or a job chance is possible. Accepting a promotion in the current company is safer than accepting a new position in a new firm. Also, this is a good year for Pig people looking for a government job. This is because that your intelligent will let you pass the job examinations and job interviews. There is an Unlucky Star hiding in the corner. As long as Pig people pay attention on their people relationships and avoid any disagreement or argument with others, Pig people will have a bright career path.

There are many Lucky Stars appearing in 2010 for Pig people. If you have your own company, then your business will be booming and profit will be growing. If you work for someone, then you will have a stable income from daily job, because your good career luck will bring you good money luck. A Lucky Sky Star and Happiness Star also arrive Pig people life in 2010. That implies the doing some financial investment will have a chance to gain a good return. However, Pig people shouldn't show off their wealth. Otherwise, people will ask your contribution or donation, even plan a plot to steal or rob your money.

Pig people will have a very clear mind to make business decisions and money investment in the year of Tiger. In general, 2010 will be a good year for Pig people. Your career has a sign of prosperity. Your wealth has a sign of affluence. Your fame has a sign of popularity. But there are two Unlucky Stars hiding in the corner in 2010. One is a sign of disagreement and the other is a sign of money loss. Therefore, Pig people still need to keep low profile for their wealth and prosperity to avoid unexpected or unnecessary damage.

Well, don't blame anyone when bad things happen. Vivalavida 2010
Credit to: ChineseFortuneCalendar (Please visit the main website for detailed analysis)


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