Saturday, October 31, 2009

MM: Make Money With Catch Eye

Today is 31st and its Baskin Robbin Day! (^_^)V
Buy a BR ice cream and get 31% discount for your purchase. Make sure you queue up earlier and pack your wallet with cash.
Well, maybe it's too late for this post. You can wait till 31st December.

Yummy @.@
Wondering where to get more money to buy ice cream? I have got a new suggestion. But hold on. I need everyone here to notice a new icon in my blog sponsor column. Can you spot it? Indeed, you will know if you're a frequent visitor as it's been there for 3 days already.

What's new in my blog?
As seen from the picture below, you will spot a red icon named "catcheye" on the right

What is CatchEye actually?
Catcheye is an online advertising platform that allows advertisers to deliver their advertisements in a highly effective manner. Their ad delivery platform guarantees that each ad is viewed by unique and voluntary viewers.

How do CatchEye help us to make money?
In return of viewing ads, we will earn Catcheye reward points which can be exchanged for cash and/or other prizes. Viewers are also required to answer 3 simple questions related to the ad being displayed. It is for the purpose of strengthening our impression and understanding of the message being conveyed.

You can also earn more reward points by inviting others to join Catcheye. They will become part of your network and contribute a portion of their points to you! (Affiliate program)
In addition, Catcheye will donate to a charity organization (of the user’s choice) everytime an ad is viewed. So, we are actually helping people out there beside earning money. (The money come from advertisers, not us)

Why I support?
Although the system is still in the initial stage, why not give it a try. Moreover, it is a Malaysia website. We as a Malaysian should join to support such activity. As it got nothing to lose, but the chances to make some extra bucks and charity at the same time.

Your Option...
After viewing this post, click here and start to earn.
Or you can choose not to join and eat BR ice cream with your hard-earned money.

Courtesy to CatchEye Official Website

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Monday, October 26, 2009

MV: 1Malaysia Budget 2010

5 days after the "my mlm experience" post, I have to forget the loss I suffered and moving on with my life. And yea, the budget 2010 had just over. Our PM announced the new budget titled "1Malaysia, together we prosper", sounds nice huh! I am writing this post to examine what I support and what I don't support in the budget 2010. Everything discussed related to personal finance =)

- 1 Malaysia clinics to be set up in urban areas.
- Convertion of PTPTN loan into scholarship if graduate with 1st class honours.
- 30 top students to get merit-based scholarships for world renowned universities.
- Tax relief up to RM500 on broadband subscription fees (2010 - 2012)
- RM1 billion for the police to enhance their efficiency.
- 1 Malaysia Retirement Scheme to enable non-fixed income earners to contribute to EPF. For every RM100 contributed, Government will contribute 5%.
- Personal relief increased from RM8,000 to RM9,000.
- Income tax reduction from 27% to 26% for income above RM100,000.
- Service charge for credit card (principal card - RM50, supplementary card - RM25)
- (RPGT) Property gain tax makes comeback, up to maximum of 30%.

I support....
~ 50 unit of 1Malaysia clinics are scheduled to open in selected areas. Ultimately, I hope rakyat can wait in a modern clinic with good air-conditioning and equipped with ASTRO.
~ Finally our government allow PTPTN loan to be converted into scholarship if he/she obtain 1st class honours in tertiary education. Walao, I am sure alot of student would eat and digest the entire text book to enable them getting 1st class. (One question, when will it be started?)
~ 30 top students get to study overseas, anywhere they like. (Hope that race quota system don't apply anymore, 1Malaysia rite?)
~ Tax relief of RM500 for broadband subscription will start on 2010 to 2012. (I can save RM1,000 for my Streamyx payment, but I am still unemployed currently. Sigh!)
~ RM1 billion for the police to buy better equipment? Or a cup of coffee? Pray for the crime rate to drop, please make Malaysia a safer country.
~ I think those casual workers can put their money in EPF since the government offer 5% interest rate p.a. It is better than putting in FD.
~ Personal relief of extra RM1,000 will be given solely on annuity scheme premium from insurance companies that commence payment from Jan 1 next year.

I don't support....
~ The reduction of maximum income tax rate only benefit certain group of rakyat. Especially those with high earnings. But think of one question, how many people are earning RM 100,000 annually? It is a fact that more than 50% of Malaysians are earning less than RM3,000 monthly. Such implementation will only help the rich to get richer and the poor get nothing out of it.
~ Normally people spending "future money" with credit. However, those people that owe credit card loan are mostly low and middle income group. Applying an extra RM50 will not reduce the rising non-performing loan in credit card, and will increase the burden of the rakyat. I am sure that there are other alternatives to reduce default in credit card loan such as strengthen the application requirement, limit the number of cardholding, and etc. The service on credit card will be effective by 1st of Jan 2010.
~ The RPGT make a comeback after government make an exemption on April 2007. Some exemption still in place. However, the property market in Malaysia might not be attractive to investors compare to its neighbour countries.

As a rakyat, I personally think that the new budget 2010 has more pros than cons. However, I hope the government will put more care on the low and middle class citizens. Obviously, the poor needs more attention than the rich.
Secondly, there is a need to set up the minimum wage for the rakyat to maintain their standard of living. As the inflation grow faster than our salary, the standard of living is deteriorating.
Another area I want to touch is the possible imposition of goods and services tax (GST) to replace current sales tax and service tax, such idea is still under review. I pray again for the government not imposing GST on low and middle income group.
Lastly, I hope the size of federal funding to various states government to be rationalize by the rakyat's needs and with proper planning, not by political agendas.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My MLM Experience: One Community

@ The Weld, Jalan Raja Chulan, KL, Malaysia

As promised, the post is dedicated to all my readers in all around the world. Please read carefully and stay away from MLM (Multi Level Marketing), especially from SYN (Steven Yeam Network) which is a SCAM.

The story started last thursday with a rare call from my sister,
Sis: Bro, are you free this saturday morning?
Me: I think so, why?
Sis: Come, I 'll come to KL and attend a seminar in Sunway Convention Center (SunwayCC). Would you come with me?
Me: Erm, what seminar? (Common question, Must ask before you go)
Sis: It's a business (MLM like to regard themselve a business), a whole - new business concept you can't find it in Malaysia yet.
Me: Oh, got so Keng ah? (Keng = Awesome) Direct Selling izzit?
Sis: No la, You come and listen lar. Then you can see the opportunity.
Me: Hanaaa, OK lar (shouldn't had said this)

Friday night, another call from sis to reassure. I missed the call and called back.
Me: Hamisu? (What's the matter?)
Sis: Remember tomorow is 8.30am meet in Sunway Hotel.
Me: Er, actually what type of business is that?
Sis: I tell you also dunno la.
Me: If that is MLM, then I dun want to listen larr.
Sis: You hear before one com ar?
Me: Nope!
Sis: Then go and listen lar, the ticket is RM80. I pay for you.
Me: Want meh? I no money to join one leh.
Sis: Go and accompany me listen kenot ar?
Me: Hanna (Hanna = OKAY loh) (Don't want to resist already)

Next morning, I took a cab to Sunway CC and listen to the seminar. 1st speaker talk about change, investment, and risk. The 2nd speaker talk about the product, and the business model. They are selling Hi - Tech Wellness product. And the last speaker is the founder itself, Mr Steven Yeam. Keep telling about the creation of new business, Hi-Tech Wellnessm & urge the partners (Frankly, It's a downline rather than partner. They just want to make it sounds good) to make it a new phenomenon and bullshits.

What Type of Product Do They Sell?
I had been briefed on the products and given the brochure. Bur I didn't join into the GANG in the end. So, I get nothing. But I manage to remember all the products and description, take a look on the picture below.

How Do They Approach Us?
1. Firstly, they will invist us to attend a paid seminar. Of course the paid seminar will be held in some high - class venue to generate the feel that it is a legitimate business and Yes, it's big. Because got alot of people EXISTING members attended it.
2. Everyone are so friendly fake and passionate into lending you a helping hand. Nah! Then, they 'll ask successful member to start sharing their experience. And they like to use young people like university students to entice more youths to step into the trap.
3. They bring you to the office, I can't deny that they have poured in alot of money in such a big premise. I get my free - trial session with the E - Life machine. Wow, the machine really works. However, the CPU - sized device cost RM 25, 000. Then they 'll say, "Cheap Things Not Good, Good Things Not Cheap". (F*ck You) Then I did my research ONLINE again, I found out that a company called ELANRA which had invented the air ionizer machine 40 years ago and their product selling at less than AUD 1000. Its even 100 times more convenient than that f*cking E - Life machine which require us to sit for an hour with the risk of getting electric shock (I accidentally shock my girlfriend). (Curse The Founders of One Com  meet a horrible car crash....and everyone don't have to see them again....SCAMMER and LIAR)
4. They bring you to the office, go to discussion (more like wasting your time) and then bring you home at late night. When you came home, you just don't feel like doing anything. Soon, You forget to make research on the company. Oh My God, You are the Big Fish!
5. Currently, they are promoting their new business model. They said: "we are not only MLM, we are everything. Mr Steven Yeam is a wise person. He make this business model : MBS."
- MBS? Mortgage Backed Securities? NO! Its Micro Macro Business System. MBS comprise of all business model. Ranging from Retail, MLM, Franchise, Wholesale, and Merchant. I wonder: "Is that something new? Not really. They just brought the same business model in Lampe Berger and apply it again in new SCAM"
6. The profit margin is so high. For example, selling an E - Life will earn you RM5,000 as a member only (member get 20% discount). As your position get higher, you can get more discount and earn more. It can goes up to about 50%. Have you ever think that a good businessman will mark up the price so high? And have you think that people will buy the product if they know about the price being mark up so tremendously high?
7. If you are interested, can you recruit your fren to join by just became a member? NO.
You need to become one of the franchisee, paying RM1,200 for 2 packs of E - Nutra and E Z Out. Thereafter, you can recruit anyone you like. (wtf, go die lar) Moreover, you can always buy up position, and this convince me that they are real SCAMMER.
8. Last they 'll show you the luxury lifestyle. For example, there are alot of luxury cars in the office's car park. They will start to tell you something like this: " This sport car belong to Mr so-and-so. He's very young, 26 yo can buy own sport car already (Dunno how many people he had to conned before afford to buy his car). Last time he work in Citibank as manager one, but he quit to join this business as he seen opportunity in it."

PS: I am half way from joining the SCAM as everything comes handy, but luckily I did my own research and decide to stop after paying RM230. You shouldn't pay any money before you do research.

Why I think it is a SCAM?
I am sure that there is a group of people will think I purposely spoiling the reputation of One Com, but there are few reasons convince myself that One Com is a SCAM.

+ The introducer is reluctant to tell me what type of business they doing previously. When I asked, they said that is old business and don't want to further mention. Definitely it raise my suspicion further, so I went ONLINE and checked.
+ One Com is only two and half months old baby. Well, This new company is established by SYN (Steven Yeam Network). Do you remember the famous Lampe Berger SCAM? I think you do. The Lampe Berger SCAM is operated by the SYN.
Thus, I also believe that if a person can SCAM for 1 time. Then, there will be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, .....infinity times.
+ Everything is very clear now. SYN is established a new pyramid scheme with the name of One Com as the Lamp Berger SCAM doesn't work for them anymore. Furthermore, SYN bring all its downlines in Lampe Berger SCAM into the new One Com SCAM.
+ So, it means that there are few hundreds or thousands of people are on top of you when you are joining the One Com SCAM. Are you willing to work hard and generate income for those B*st*rds?
+ Lastly, Do you think that a genuine businessman who want to build up a good business will allow its sales agent to earn 40 - 50% of product sales price? For example, if you sell an E - Life machine then your profit will be about (40% X RM25,000 = RM10,000).
+ Please think and re-think again, is the machine worth RM25,000? The cost of manufacturing might not more than RM1,000. But they said its Korean technology, you know the price of copyright. But a "partner" can earn so much, can you guess how many percent they mark up the item? Maybe its 1000 - 2000%?
+ Haha, I personally doubt that whether people will buy such products. Nowadays, people even need to think again and again for item such as a massage chair which cost only RM3,000 - RM10,000. The price of an E - Life machine will cost about the price of Half Myvi already and RM25,000 you can make down payment for a car already. SO, HOW MANY PEOPLE WILL PAY RM25,000 FOR A DEVICE AS SMALL AS A CPU.
+ If those are sincere in promoting healthcare products to the public, then the profit margin for them shouldn't be so high. Obviously, the One Com SCAM want to reap off every cent in our pocket.

I hope everyone who read this post will know a little bit about One Com and make your personal decision on their invitation. You may say I misjudged them and should give them a second chance. Well, I think it's better to be safe than sorry.
For your information, they are currently new in Malaysia and Hong Kong. The One Com SCAM will expand to Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia in 2010. Be careful my friends.
Currently my own sister being brainwashed by them. I pray for her to realize One Com is a SCAM earlier and not losing any of her friends. May God bless her.
If you think what I write here does make sense for you, please do spread the word to your loves one. If you don't, please ignore!
For those who had already in the con-game, withdraw yourself immediately or continue to con people around you.

May God Evil Send You To Hell SYN!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't Give Up, You Just Need 1 Dollar !

(American can buy lottery ticket from grocery shop, Jimmy bought here. I think 7 - 11 and other convenient store should start to provide such service *grin)

All you need is a dollar and a dream, as one New York lottery slogan goes. For many people, the dream is mostly unattainable, but it's not totally impossible.

The odd of winning the mega million jackpot in the US is minute, yet people patiently join the long queues in 12 states to buy a lottery ticket each week as the jackpot snowballs. The recent jackpot just roll out.

And Yes, Jimmy Groves did it. He is just a park labourer from Harlem, New York. He took home a whopping US$168 mil.

What Did The Winner Say?
"I am just a regular guy like everybody else. I got lucky."
"I was down and out, and I didn't have a dime in my pocket" Said Groves

*What a drastic change with so many zero-es in the bank book
Like This US$ 168,000,000.00 !!!

What Are Jimmy Going To Do Next?
"I want to buy a hamburger and visit Disneyland" Groves Replied

*Oh God, If I have such money i would buy few bungalowes stood top of mountain with wonderful seaside view. Rather than hamburger, why not have dinner in some top restraurant? Perhaps I'll spend US$ 30 mil for space travel.

Consequences of Getting Rich
Numerous phone call asking for money from relatives, friends, and others begging for money.

Should be sound something like this:

"Arlo, Bro. Congrats for becoming a millionaire. Do you remember that we share the same underwear during childhood? I think you know very well that sharing is caring. Would you give me some money?"

"it's a dream turned nightmare" But it's one nightmare that one has no intention of giving up.

My advice
 A dollar is enough. Remember to buy yourself some hope. In Malaysia, you can either buy TOTO Jackpot (RM1), Magnum Jackpot (RM2), and lastly Damacai Jackpot Lottery (RM3). But the price is different lor =D
Courtesy To: Lim Ai Lee (The Star Newspaper, Saturday 10, October, 2009)

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Cash Out Your Money In Adsense Account

Undeniably, most of the bloggers making money out of Google Adsense. The minimum cash out amount is USD 100.
Currently, there are three ways of cashing out. It will be:
1. Normal Cheque
2. Fast Cheque (express and higher cost)
3. Western Union

No matter what type of payment method you choose, the final result is to convert the USD into your home currency. For example, I myself would convert USD into Malaysia Ringgit.  The foreign exchange rate is my main concern as it determine how much I'll get from the conversion.

What is foreign exchange risk?
Foreign exchange risk occur when there is fluctuation between the exchange rate of one currency to another currency.
In simple term, it refer to the difference in amount of money you will get after exchange rate go up and down.

Withdraw Money From Adsense Account ASAP?
According to economist, Malaysia strong forex reserve and trade surplus are the fundamentals supporting the appreciation of Ringgit against USD. However, the Ringgit is 47% undervalue against USD currently (IMF). If you can recall, the ringgit hit a high of RM 3.13/ USD 1 in April last year.  Based on 8 October closing rate, the Ringgit further adjust to RM 3.39/ USD 1.

Moreover, many speculations on the Malaysian Central Bank to follow suit Australian Central Bank to lift the interest rate. So, the Ringgit is predicted to move up against several major currencies in coming weeks. Obviously USD is one of them.

If Ringgit appreciated from RM 3.39/ USD 1to RM 3.29/ USD 1 in coming weeks, you will lose the opportunity cost of RM 10 per USD 100 being converted into Ringgit.

* USD 100 X (RM 3.39 - RM 3.29) = RM 10 (Opportunity Cost)

Thus, I think its time for Malaysian Bloggers begin to minimize your foreign exchange exposure by cash out your adsense earnings. Apart from prevent loss, you can also capitalize your money in wise investment during the market recovering period.

(For those who had inadequate cash out amount or lack of investment opportunity, just hold on until the Ringgit depreciate again or the central bank to intervent. Best of luck everyone.)

~ Sadly I still didn't reach my 1st USD 100 earning in Adsense =(
~ Kindly share your comment on the MYR/USD future movement and also your recommendation on the action to be taken.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Planet Pulse

Oww...My Big Day had just over =). Thanks everyone for celebrating my b'day and mooncake festival.

Well, Hanging around Mid Valley with my leng lui (pretty girl) and having great meal and watched "Gamer" as i told in last post. Yet i don't afford for a shopping spree. Oh, how sad is this!

Nevermind, when there's a want, there's a way. Too lucky i found something earn me some extra bucks (I like it when its in USD).

Wondering you can sitting at home conveniently earning part-time income? Besides online ads, e-commerce, and writing paid posts. What else you can earn money from?

Fear Factor Online?

Who Want to Be A Millionaire? Online version again (Grin)

No no. It's Planet - Pulse. Planet - Pulse is an online survey site that offer opportunity for us that sit at home to earn some part - time income.

How To Earn?
Undoubtably, the 1st step into earning online income is to register with the respective site & verify via email.
Then, the chance of getting paid for opinion is random, or i can say "by chance".
Based on my experience, I was selected for a survey the second day after service commenced.

You will receive an email like below stated the price and time length. Hit the link and grab the money guys. The best thing about this is that it pays in USD and minimum transfer amount of USD25 via PayPal.

After knowing this costless opportunity (except you have to spend some time) to make money, what are you waiting for? Register Planet Pulse Here!

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