Friday, September 11, 2009

Golden Plan 8

Golden Plan 8Golden Plan 8, sounds like gold investment or smth relate to retirement though.
The Golden Plan 8 is the sequel of the Golden Care Plan launched by Nirvana Corporation Berhad in 9/9/2008. Nirvana Corporation Berhad is the No.1 Bereavement Service Provider in SEA and listed in Bursa Malaysia.

What is Golden Plan 8?
The golden plan 8 provide an opportunity for risk-averse investors looking for high return.
There are two components in Golden Plan 8,
1.The Urn Compartment in "Tang Villa", Shah Alam Memorial Park(can be transfer at anytime)
2.ING investment fund (its' unit trust fund that can be transfer at anytime too)
WHy it is an opportunity?
Malaysia is facing inflation year by year, did your money grow in tandem with the inflation?

 Now, the compartment is selling at attractive price especially for early bird.
^Let's take two scenarios as example,
1.Buying the compartment at RM20,000 & for self-use only. 5 years later, it appreciate to RM40,000. Your will get 14.8% saving every year. In addition, you get certain of ING investment fund for free.
2.Buying the compartment at RM20,000 & for investment purpose. Selling it 5 years later for RM40,000.
Your will get 14.8% return every year. Even after selling the compartment, you can still maintain possession of the investment fund.

From these two scenarios, there are Double Return for investment

Although the price of compartment after 5 years is depend on market conditions, but always remember that you can hold the compartment until it appreciates.
I personally think that investment in the bereavement products is consider a new trend in Malaysia. The Golden Plan 8 is an opportunity for everyone, whether for self-consumption or investment.
For sophisticated investors, have you start your plan to diversify?
For more information about the Golden Plan 8, contact Nirvana at this toll free number 1800 - 88 - 1818


Horlic said...

Haha, at first, i was attracted by the title "Golden Plan", tot it was a gold investment plan in malaysia. Who know... kaka

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