Thursday, September 17, 2009

New LTR Project

RM 7 billion are to be poured into two LTR (Light Rail Transit) projects in the Klang Valley start early next year. These projects will see the extension of the exisiting Kelana Jaya Line and Ampang Line by 17 km and 17.7km respectively. The projects expected to be completed in 3 years time.
The project is handle by state-owned public transport operator, Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd.

Good News?

Yes, I think its a good news for everyone who goes to work using public transport in KL. Looking at the picture, people who live farer than the existing end station from the LRT will be benefit from the extension. (Especially those from Klang Valley)

I am sure that alot of people driving to the Kelana Jaya Station every morning to catch LRT to the workplace sited in KL. (Start driving at early 7am, and stuck in the jam for an hour. <--your typical working day)
Upon the completion of new stations, you can now choose a nearer LRT station to part your car and catch the LRT faster.

1. Get more sleeping time.
2. Less congestion.
3. Nearer station.
4. Toll-free.

Companies possible to get the project
UEM Builders Bhd. (main contractor for existing lines)
IJM Corp Bhd. (main contractor for existing lines)
Road Builders (M) Holdings Bhd. (sub-con for existing lines)
Gamuda Bhd. (Experience in Kaohsiung;s mass rapid transit in Taiwan)
Malaysia Resources Corp Bhd. (main contractor for the Kelana Jaya Line in the KL Sentral portion)

To investors, pay some attention to the above companies. Dropping some egg into it =)

*Note: payroll from government project is usually smooth, credit problem seldom exist.
News source: The Star, Public Display of proposal.


Horlic said...

It is a GREAT NEWS! It will be GREATER if they started the construction works already, unfortunately this is Malaysia, talk talk and keep talking..

Where will be the next hotspot for property investment related to the LRT extension? Interesting investment to make money from the great news again!

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