Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My First Google Adsense Payout Via Western Union!

Yea! I am celebrating my first Google Adsense payout on the 28th of December 2009. After the hardwork of 4 months, I finally managed to withdrew Google earnings from my very first blog,

Wuuuhuuuu. Thanks to google and adorable readers. For adsense bloggers, keep your hard work and get paid soon okay?!
For those who don't know about Google Adsense, click here.
(I beg your pardon, Adsense is too old to explain)

The Conditions To Receive Adsense Earnings Via Western Union
After setting up google adsense advertising program in your blog, you have to accumulate USD100 of earnings to entitle for adsense payment. Once your earnings reach USD100, go to your adsense panel and follow the steps on the picture below.

What's Next?
Then, go to "my account" and click on " payment history"
You will see the "payment history" page, like the bottom one

Then, go to the "payment issued - details" and click on "details". A new page will load up, it will looks like the below one.

(RED rounded rectangle locate the exact place of the information you need during whtidrawal, write down the  following or snap it with your phone's megapixels camera)

Picking Up Payment
Simply go to any local banks that provide Western Union Money Transfer Service, for example Cimb, Public Bank, Maybank, and RHB Bank. (I withdrawn from Cimb, which is beneath my office)

Western Union Money Receiving Form @ Cimb
Go to the reception counter and ask for Western Union Money Receiving Form, remember to take your queue number as well. Quickly fill up the form that requires,
>Receivers' Name
>Receivers' Address (Exactly in IC & Google Adsense)
>Receivers' Telephone Number
>Senders' Name
>Senders' Address
>Amount Expected
>Money Transfer Control Number

Be patient and wait for the firendly banking oficer to verify the request, the whole process should take time around 10 - 20 minutes.
The bank office says: Sir, here's (*your cashout amount). Thank You.

The rate Cimb quoted is RM3.40558 / USD. Bear in mind that you can always wait for the ringgit to depreciate against USD, with the risk of the opposite happen as well.

Thank for reading this and feel free to drop your friendly comments. Experiences sharing is desirable. 2 more days to New Year, dik dok dik dok!!

Oh Ya, don't forget to collect your receipt after picking up payment.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

ISS: Beware! New & Simple Method To Steal Your ATM Money

Dear Readers,

Beware when withdrawing money from your account when using ATM machine.
Thief no longer need to steal the whole ATM machine to take away cash inside it.

There's a new and simple method in town stealing our ATM card and password. Take a look on the pictures below:

Firstly, the man standing in front of the ATM looks like doing a transaction.

In What he's really doing there?
In fact, he is actually placing a trap to "capture" the next user card.

Altering the ATM is a risky business, these men work in teams.
The lookout warns of any possible eye witnesses/ or next potential victim.

Here comes the "prey".
He inserts his card and begins his transactions.

The ATM card is confiscated, and the "prey" is confused.
However, here we see the cavalry coming to help. (HELP!!!).

Here we see the thief pretending to help. He is trying to gain access to the "preys" PIN number, since he already capture the card.

The good Samaritan convinces the "prey" to press his PIN, while the Samaritan press 'cancel' and 'enter'.

After several attempts the "prey" is convinced his card has been confiscated. The "prey" and the Samaritan leave the ATM simultaneously.

After making sure the area is clear, the thief returns to recover the confiscated card from his trap. Not only did he has the card, he also has the PIN the "prey" provided unknowingly.

In possession of the card and the PIN he leaves the ATM with money from the "preys" account.

How the trap been set up?

The trap is made up of XRAY film, which is the preferred material by thieves. Simply because the black color which is similar in appearances to the slot on the card reader.

The trap is then inserted into the ATM slot. Care is taken not to insert the entire film into the slot. The ends are folded and contain glue strips for better adhesion to the inner and outer surface of the slots.

Once the ends are firmly glued and fixed to the slot, it is almost impossible to detect by unsuspecting clients.

Slits are cut into both sides of the trap. This prevents your card being returned prior to completing your transaction.

As soon as the "prey" has gone, and the have your PIN. The thief can remove the glued trap, by grasping the folded tips, and simply pulls the trap out that has retained your card.

My advices to all readers
After viewing the above pictures, what type measures should the ATM users need to take? Note that majority of us are ATM card holder. Don't use ATM anymore?
Here are my personal suggestions to undertake when you encounter such problem,
i. Never leave your card unattended even it's been confiscated or trapped inside the ATM machine. Do contact the bank's customer service hotline immediately to request for help. Stay there and wait for help.
ii. Never let anyone standing in a short range that allow he/she to peep at your PIN. You will end up providing your PIN unknowingly.
*Don't ever reveal your PIN to anyone, except your immediate family if necessary.
iii.  Always observe the ATM slot and the card reader for any signs of tampering. Should you see the film tips glued to the slot, unglue, pull the trap out and recover your card.

=) Do you enjoy your christmas break? I do enjoy my break and hopefully everyone visit here enjoy too. Waiting for New Year Break now.
Do leave your comment on this post too.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

MS: Convert Excess Item Into Cash

The new year is coming on our way. 2010 is just 12 days ahead. During the Malaysia Year - End Sales 2009, I believe some group of people are preparing to gear their home wih new stuff, such as a brand new LCD TV, new Lappy, Household Applicances, and other Hardware.

BUT....How about the crap item no longer in use?

The home would fill with old hardware that makes the whole place look messy. Of course there's several ways to manage the excess hardware. One of them is selling to 2nd-hand goods buyer.
Apparently, the buyer of 2nd-hand goods is close to extinct. Especially for goods other than antiques and jewellery. Cash-Convertor stands out to be one we should opt for.

Source: TheStar                                                     

Cash Convertor had 530 stores in 34 countries, since it began operation in 1984. Cash Convertor also make appearance in Asia countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. For my dear readers, the Malaysia branches located in Ampang Point, Klang, Sunway, Taman SEA, Plentong, and Sri Selayang.

How To Sell To Cash Convertor?
Simply bring your valuable item to any Cash Convertor branch. Then, the shop assistance would help to look at the product actual state to give a fair price estimate. (Indeed, we will get lower than market price because the buyer need to bear the risk of idle sales)

There are 4 simple steps to enhance the value of your valuable item (for hardware):

Type of Products Sellable in Cash Convertor
Generally, Cash Convertor will absorb any item that has resale value. However, do make sure your valuable item is in working condition. (Especially for electrical and electronic products)

Click Here for Product List 
Cash Convertor Can Be A Good Place To Shop Too?
Yes, do shop in Cash Convertor for unusual, unique and bizarre items. It is not an accident to discover a limited edition watch, a missing artifact, and a slightly used good in Cash Convertor.
If you did read my last post, then you'll know that I did mentioned do not buy less-frequently-use item in the Year End Sales. If you really need those, why not pay a visit to Cash Convertor? You will get to bargain the price as well as do a good deed for preserve the earth through "reusing".

Please note that this is not a paid post, all opinions are strictly from the authors.
Credits for Cash Convertor

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shop In The Malaysia Mega Sales 2009

I know it's abit late for this post, but I also know I have to mention to everyone here that the Malaysia Year-End Sales a.k.a Mega Sales is back.

Start from 21 November 2009 to 3 January 2010, enjoy your crazy shopping spree with great discount on almost everything for 44 days. There's couple of ten-days left now.

Why Do Malaysian Like To Shop During The Mega Sales?
The only reason why Malaysians like to shop in the mega sales is because of the insane discount. Once they see the 30% - 70% discount figure, everything become irresistable. However, most merchants would have mark up the item for double, triple or even higher pricing before giving out huge discount.

Be A Good Shopper! But how?
Look for quality with reasonable price
Alot of people will definitely buying alot of cheap and low quality items from the Mega Sales.
So, ask yourself a question next time.
" how long can this thing last?"
If the product have short lifespan, keep changing over and over again is definitely increase your expenses.
Buy a quality one, and change less frequent.

The question "do I need this?" & "how many times I am gonna use this?" is the key to answer your own demand.
Bear in mind that only buy those that are necessary and frequently-used. Otherwise, opt for alternatives.

Luxury Product?
For those who want to save money, luxury product is a No! No!
Save your money for better investment than to pamper yourself in vanity.

For myself,
I'll definitedly do my shopping after getting salary in the end of the december.
My targets are CNY apparel, christmas gift and having a good meal.
How about yours? Lets share it here =)

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My WishList 2010

2010 is coming to our way, had you plan your year ahead?
If yes, I hope your plan would be successful.
If no, you better finetuned yourself for the tough 2010.

In 2010, I aims for the achievables only. I wish to achieved all 7 wishes of 2010 before 2011.

Why am I planning to achieve these?
Everyone knows that a plan may not always goes the way we want it to be. However, a planning will guide us to do the right thing, focus on the priorities, and make sure everything is in progress.

Indeed, I have to accumulate Euro 1 billion to board the ark for saving my life in 2012. (I know its lame =P)

My Wishlists Are:
1st. Provide monetary support for my family

As I'd just started to work on NOV 2009, I hardly can provide any financial aids for my family back in Penang. Moreover, the expenses in KL is much heavy than in Penang.
So, I hope to increase earnings from secondary income & also hoping for salary increment from my primary job. Hopefully the effort paid are being rewarded.

2nd. RM10k savings in bank

Everyone needs to keep their own saving for emergency purpose. RM10k in bank is to let my heart feel comfortable in order to meet any unexpected expendicture.

3rd. Equity Investment

Throwing some money into the equity market is the dream I'd longed-for. I personally believe that the stock market will drop again next year, probably during the CNY. In my opinion, short-term investors will withdraw their current position in Malaysia, and that's the right time to enter.

4th. Blog readership to reached 50k

I hope everyone can get some precious info they want from this blog. Other than that, I plan to have 3 updates per weeks for this blog. Which mean I have to update 156 posts per year (52 weeks X 3 updates = 156 updates). I will try my best to write the most relevant topic to the current market movement. Please stay tuned.
Before end of 2010, i hope total visits will reach 50,000.

5th. Buy A car

Living in this modern age without a car is quite miserable. A car can provide me mobility to shuffle around where i want to be.
Therefore, I need a car to travel in Kl and also for the convenience of going back to Penang. Currently, Proton Sage seems to be the most viable car model available in the market with the affordable price, spacious design, fuel saving, and low maintanence fee. I think i will opt for Saga if no better new model with same price range to be roll out next year.

6th. Buy A new laptop.

My laptop is essential for gaming, surfing, blogging, chatting, reading e-mails, reading newspapaer, and also watchig movies. My present laptop is getting slow in term of speed and easily to get hang.
So, i expect to buy a new laptop in 2010 with higher processing power, higher storage, higher RAM, and equipped with Windows 7. My preferred brands are toshiba, samsung, asus, and sony.
I don't mind if getting a Dell =)

7th. Get A Credit Card

I need a credit card to make purchase online, especially for buying movie ticket online. I would most probably apply a credit card from AEON and also EON bank (to enjoy 50% rebate on movie ticket).
However, I will not apply any credit card if the RM50 service tax on the credit card is not cancelled or being absorbed by the card issuer. I will use Debit Card instead.
I personally believe that I can manage my credit usage decently.

So what's is inside your wishlist for 2010? Kindly share it here.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MK: 5 Important Things To Know About Your Medical Card

@AIA medical card

Most of us possess a medical card from insurance company in this modern day. A medical card look flashy and trendy, but what the main fuction of a medical card?

Holding a medical card simply enable us to enter the ward as fast as possible during any emergency event.

A medical card will have our name, IC, and Policy No embossed on top. Since our personal info can be reach easily during the emergency, the hospital check-in process will be accelerated. In late 2006, I had to undergone an cosmetic operation for my nasal bone due to sport accident. So, I get to know my medical card better than other without such unique experience. Below is the 5 things i want every medical card holders in Malaysia to pay attention to,

1st. Panel Hospital
Knowing the panel hospital may save our life in a split second. In case of emergency, ask your agent which hospital is under "your insurer" panel. Else, wasting time in wrong hospital may let the insured miss the best time for treatment.

2nd. Annual Limit
Our medical card has a annual insured limit. For example, the annual limit is RM100k. Then, the hospital will prompt for payment when the bill accumulte until RM100k.
Therefore, please remember the limit of your medical card although there is little chance to bump into such incident.

3rd. Coverage Details
Major insurance companies in Malaysia had set a treshold for certain type of treatment. For instance, max. RM30k for dialysis treatment, max 30 days of outpatient treatment, max 30days of post hospitalization treatment.
Knowing every details of the medical plan help the insured to properly arrange schedule for their treatment.

4th. Policy Status
*Never ever lapse any payment on any insurance plan.
Once we had lapse payment (especially during emergency), the insurer will take it as an excuse & will not providing coverage for the insured.
Always remember to make payment on time, my friend.

5th. Pay 1st, reimburse later
A lot of hospitals would request patients to pay for their treatment in advance. The money will be reimbursed after the insured filed a proper claim.
Normally, such event will happen when the insured consult non-panel doctor in the panel hospital.

~ Kindly comment if you got any suggestion. Your kind opinion are most welcome. Lastly, I share the giant stitch with you.

Giant Size Stitch in Sunway Pyramid!

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